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Apr 24, 2013 08:06 AM

Local Seafood

We will be in Ft. Lauderdale over labor day and are looking for great local seafood - it can be anything from a food truck to a gourmet restaurant. I see lots of suggestions for good restaurants, and noticed that Sea specializes in seafood. Any other can't miss spots?

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  1. Don't miss 3030 in the Marriott Harbour Beach Resort in Ft Lauderdale. Great seafood resto.

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    1. re: Alfred G

      Thanks alot for the tip. I will try to check it out.

    2. It is surprisingly difficult to find good "local" seafood in Fort Lauderdale! 3030 is a great suggestion as the chef does make an effort to feature (at least some) locally sourced seafoods! The few others I might suggest are a little outside of Fort Lauderdale but worth the trip if its "Local" seafood you are seeking.

      Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar - Consistently fresh and deliciously prepared local seafood with a Caribbean flair. (Please note that this one is open Monday through Friday only!)

      Seafood World - Both a fish market and a restaurant with an emphasis on local seafood. This place is like a step back in time to when all Florida seafood joints featured fresh & local only.

      Billy's Stone Crab - This one is a little upscale but again, always features well prepared and mostly local offerings.

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      1. re: LiveRock

        I will second Sea and 3030.

        I would always highly reco Calypso in south Pompano, but there is a catch.

        The owners always close for the entire month of September. Based on the past 20 years, you would need to go there on or before Friday August 30. But do call - who knows if they mightn't change things up this year. And if you look them up on Facebook, you'll see they post whatever fish is just in, pretty much every day.

        1. re: LiveRock

          Thanks so much for the recommendation. We ended up at Seafood World and it was exactly what we were looking for. It was definitely the best meal we had, considering quality, price and ambience. A great find.

        2. Definitely try Fish Shack. It's small, hidden local favorite.