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Apr 24, 2013 06:31 AM

Vermont Restaurant Week 2013

It all starts on Friday.

Last year, it didn't sound like there was much enthusiasm for this, but I'm posting again this year.

More than 100 restaurants are participating all over the state, some do dinner, others lunch. Some clearly don't have their hearts in it, while others are excellent deals. For example: Hen of the Woods does not have a set menu; it is any appetizer, any entree, plus one cheese selection for $35.

I only go to restaurants that offer choices, preferably 3 or more . So Michaels on the Hill with their one set menu gets shelved year after year. I go with 2 other people; why would we want to eat the same thing

I'm also looking forward to finally checking out the Foodie Trivia night at Nectar's next Tuesday.

Anyone else planning to participate?

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  1. I'm thinking of trying to go. This'll be the first year I've not had other things going! Haven't looked at the list of offerings yet though.

    1. Yup, though haven't decided yet where to go. I've browsed some of the menus and have to agree - some are really going out of their way while others not so much. Will report back with where we end up!

      1. We're going out this afternoon, and I wanted lunch close to the Flynn, so we're going to El Gato. They don't have a lunch offering for Restaurant Week, but I was reminded of their existence by the Restaurant Week website. So it's SORTA like going out for RW. :D