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Apr 24, 2013 05:47 AM

Sports bar near 3 muses?


Anyplace near to watch the NHL playoffs on or near frenchman?

Thanks in Advance


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  1. Maison sometimes has a game on their TVs, you might be able to put in a request. Although I couldn't promise results, the John (at the corner of Burgundy) or the Lost Love Lounge (on Franklin and Dauphine -- one of the owners is from Chicago) might also put the game on for you. As a whole, this isn't a hockey town.

    That said, in the upper Quarter, Ryan's seems to attract a hockey crowd (and pours a fine pint).

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    1. re: montuori

      thanks for the tips.. have not been but lost love is on our hit list this year. My fallback is Ave Pub on st charles. That not same Ryan's that was in Quarter a loooooog time ago?


    2. If you want to stay near Frenchmen, BTW, it's "men," not "man," Turtle Bay on Decatur between Ursulines & Gov. Nicholls (just a few blocks away) has multiple screens, would very likely turn on the NHL playoffs if they're not already showing them, and has a great beer selection and friendly bartenders.

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          You're welcome! But "men" is the end of "Frenchmen" Street, not me.