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Apr 24, 2013 05:43 AM

New pizza joint in Riverdale

Apparently just opened by the owners of Corner Cafe and located next door on Johnson Ave. Any Chowhounders been there yet? How does it compare to Judean Hills?

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  1. Does that mean they replaced Corner Grill with a pizza place? Or is this a third restaurant in the same area?

    Just a note - I suspect Judean Hills is the "control group" in Riverdale for comparisons, but Cafeccino Bakery which opened about 4-5 years ago located on 231st is great. By far, it's the best pizza I have eaten in the Northeast.

    If anything, a comparison to Cafeccino would be what I'm most interested in. Judean Hills is good (tolerable) and mimics most of the Kosher pizza I've tasted. Cafeccino is great.

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    1. re: tamarw

      Corner Cafe is still open. Is Cafeccino under the Vaad of Riverdale. May be worth a visit based on your rave. Have you been to Pizza da Solo yet? I'd argue that's the best kosher pizza in NY.

      1. re: KosherKing

        Yes it is.

        I haven't been there yet, no. I intend to check it out one of these days.

      2. re: tamarw

        I have to say Judean Hills is among the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Every time I go back, I remember how bad it is. Anything has to be an improvement over it.

      3. FYI--Corner Cafe is now located on Riverdale Avenue, not Johnson Avenue. There is a non-kosher pizza store located in the old Corner Cafe location. I heard rumors of Corner Cafe opening a pizza store in the old Corner Grill location, but I didn't know it was already open.

        1. Just tried this today (note: it's called Pizza Plus). It's not bad, and it beats Judean Hills. There's no seating (well, unless you count the four bar stools in the corner) so expect to get your pizza to go.

          It doesn't beat Cafeccino though.