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Apr 24, 2013 05:35 AM

Shoraian/ Kyoto - Info on reservations&price?

Hi -

I will be in Kyoto in late May and was interested in making a reservation at Shoraian. I have scoured the posts here and searched the internet but can't seem to find much information on prices there. Will I be able to eat there for less than $150/person? Thanks very much!

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    1. Here's their website. It's all in Japanese, but you can see the cost and get an idea of what is included with each set course. When I went, we just got the most affordable lunch course at 3800 yen.

      1. Just went last week and opted for the most expensive lunch I believe. Out the door, no drinks, just tea was 12,180 yen or $130 for two people. It was a lot of food and highly recommended.

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          Thanks, all. I managed to get an 1130am reservation for late May. Any advice on how to get out there? We won't have a car. Is a taxi the best bet?

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            No matter how you get there, you'll still have to walk the last bit. If you take a taxi, it can drop you off at the end of the road on the north side of the river, then you walk up the hill. Or you can take a train to Arashiyama station and walk from there.

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              do some sightseeing in the area and just walk it. You can't go to arashiyama and not do some sightseeing. even domestic tourists do arashiyama.

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                the walk is not that bad. Take a taxi and give them the address in Japanese if possible. I have a copy of what our hotel provided if you want it. The taxi will take you to Arashiyama just passed the bridge and you just walk along the water until there is a dead end and turn uphill. The attached pics show our walking path.

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                  Thanks so much for this. How much was the cab ride to Arashiyama? We were planning on taking the train, but would potentially take a cab to save some time. It would be great to get the copy of the directions, just in case. Thanks!

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                    ~$25 from Kyoto Station/Central Kyoto

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                      If you are going to take a taxi the best thing to give the driver is the phone number of your destination. It is by far the most reliable and easiest to use info for a car's navi system.

              2. I realize that the OP has already come and gone by this point, but this is just a note for others that plan to go there in the future and to help you avoid our fate of getting hopelessly lost in the woods of Arashiyama as we recently did. First, we really enjoyed our lunch there. I highly recommend it, it's a great setting, and the walk there was really enjoyable and scenic.

                That said, we did get lost trying to find it. So, my advice for others is to walk along the river pathway rather than come from the north (as we did - we walked through the bamboo forest first, which was really cool, but we got pretty mixed up on the different paths trying to make our way there). If you approach it from the river, heading west from the Moon Bridge (it's just about 10 mins from here if that), it's pretty easy to find. Simply walk until the trail ends (at this point, you'll be able to see it), take the path that goes up the hill to the right (the left would put you in the river) and the restaurant will be off the first pathway to the left. There is no English on the sign or on the building, just Japanese. If you do approach it from the north as we did, make your way to the river, pick up the path and head west.

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                  We made it there with little difficulty. We took the train and then walked across the bridge, along the river and up the steps to the restaurant. I have attached the map I put together; it has the address in Japanese, the telephone number and a Google Map inset. You can also find some pictures of the place on a few blogs that talk about the restaurant - I found it helpful to have seen exterior pictures beforehand, as I knew what I was looking for. Hope the map helps.

                2. Anyone can advice on how can make reservation?

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                    If you are staying at a hotel that caters to westerners, they will usually be willing to have their concierge call restaurants anywhere in Japan to make a reservation. We stayed at the Best Western in Tokyo and they made our reservation for us.