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Apr 24, 2013 05:32 AM

after dessert sweets and where to get them

Would someone kindly remind me of the (French) name of the sweets that come after dessert? I am looking for a restaurant that would be willing to pack a plate of these to enjoy back at the hotel after an anniversary dinner in Manhattan. Ideas?

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      1. Mignardises

        Dine at The Modern then take your dessert trolley offereings (served AFTER the set dessert) back to the hotel.

        1. Every restaurant I have been to that serves mignardises has always been gracious enough to pack them "to go" for us as I can never really enjoy them after eating dessert. But once I am home and have digested a bit, I seem to have room. :)

          1. and what's the correct pronunciation for mignardises?

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              1. re: Monica

                Assume 'gn' = 'ny'.
                "Mignardises" is like "Mi-ny-ar-di-se" (The last 's' is silent).