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Apr 24, 2013 05:30 AM

Mother's Day Brunch in Northern NJ (less than 50/pp)?

I'm looking for a brunch to take my inlaws on Mother's Day. They aren't particularly refined or picky (they go to Charlie Brown's when they want good prime rib, for example), so I don't need an over the top meal. Just your basic brunch setup, north of rt 80. Someone suggested the River Vale country club, but I can't find anything about their food. Anyone have some suggestions? Thanks in advance !

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    1. I can't help with any opinion on RVCC and their food, but I would suggest if you are considering that area, give Madeleine's Petit Paris a look.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Don't really have a brunch opinion either but
        Madeleine's was not good - over salted, not fresh ingredients, for a dinner there a couple of months ago. Also, the decor is so past its prime that it seemed positively run down.
        And it ain't cheap.

        1. re: foodyum

          1. It's Mother's Day......nothing is cheap
          2. It's $34.50.....and under the 50 price point
          3. to each his own.....
          4. Gaspard won the Cooking Olympics.....that's good enough for me.

      2. Kloe...or is that too 'exotic'?

        1. Thanks everyone! I think we're going to try out the Cornerstone Rest & Bar. That's exactly the kind of place I was looking for. I will however, definitely tuck away the Kloe and Madeleine's suggestions, for date night :)

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          1. re: caseynotis

            FYI I've found Cornerstone to be rather spartan and the food mediocre. A nicer Pub-style place in the area is Davey's Locker, or you could also check out Noonan's in Pearl River.

          2. we are going to Locale in Closter. Will report back but I don't think it's fair to judge a restaurant based on the special menus likes Valentines or mother's day.