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Apr 24, 2013 05:12 AM

Palmetto,Close to Bradenton

We are moving to Palmetto and the restaurant choices look bleak.Any suggestions? Suggestions in Bradenton area that aren't too far from Palmetto would be appreciated too.

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  1. once a month i visited a relative in prison in palmetto for a year recently, had to travel away to find something to eat....bleak is an understatement, im from east coast so i cant help much sorry

    1. In nearby Ellenton there is Hickory Hollow with good barbeque and, strangely, excellent blackened fish. It is on Rte. 301.
      Also, Anna Maria Oyster House in Ellenton. Very good everything and very friendly.

      1. A favorite of mine just closed in Sarasota and is re-opening in Bradenton (although I dont know exactly when). Its called Derek's... so be on the look out!

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          Ooh, used to live in SRQ and I'm familiar with Derek's.Glad to hear that will be close by now!!!

        2. Alvarez on 41 is the best Mexican in Palmetto. Up 301 is Hickory Hollow which was mentioned - good crab cakes, also. (owners are from Maryland). Woody's River Roo, behind the Walgreens on the River, is a popular spot. Anna Maria Oyster Bar and the Crab Shack II are popular. Remember you are minutes across the Green bridge from many options in Bradenton. You will get familiar with Manatee and Cortez Avenues, and the Anna Maria Island offerings.
          For tablecloth dinners and wine lists, I go to Sarasota - less than 1/2 hour.

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            Thanks for the suggestions!I agree the crab cakes at Hickory Hollow a.k.a.The Pig Place:) are amazingly yummy, corn fritters are good also.
            I've heard of Woodys River Roo, and look forward to trying it.

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              I see you are in Sarasota now. Once you are in Palmetto, St. Pete is in striking distance, right across the Skyway. Palmetto may lack fine dining, but there is good eating within an easy drive in several directions.

          2. We like Riverhouse Reef in Palmatto very much. Huge selection and very reasonable on the water.