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Apr 24, 2013 03:40 AM

Where is the best seafood in the Harrisburg area?

I'm looking for three categories...
1) Sushi
2) Surf & Turf
3) Friday fish fry

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  1. I'm not a big fish eater and so I'm not the best to answer this question, but I don't want it to go ignored, so here's what I've heard:
    1. Sushi- I've heard very good things about Sapparo East on the Carlisle Pike. They also do very nice Hibachi dishes. If you're looking for more unusual dishes like tuna collar, I have yet to find anywhere in the area that is offering that.
    2. I haven't been, but everyone keeps telling me to try Devon Seafood Grill in Hershey.

    Fish fry, I can't help you, sorry.
    Let me know if you try anyplace!

    1. I have been very pleased with the quality of the sushi at most of the Carlisle restaurants and Sapporo East.

      Surf and turf as an actual entree I don't seek out but as fish dishes go, I am very pleased with daily specials at Mangia Qui and Bricco. Devon Seafood is fine, reminds me of Bonefish Grille which we have recently gotten.

      I have only been to Char's at Tracey Mansion once but the fish meal I had was good.

      I have not had fish fry anywhere but apparently Momma Spriggs in Carlisle does this in Friday night. I have good experiences with other meals there. Haven't see the fish yet.

      1. As Lent had already happened well before this question was posted, a majority of the Friday fish fries in the area were finished. There were Lenten fish fries at Seven Sorrows in Middletown; Our Lady and Chambers Hill Fire Company in Harrisburg, and at the borough building across the river in Wormleysburg.

        This site may be helpful for future reference:

        Please post back should you try any of these suggestions.

        1. Try Miso on Jonestown road, its a sister restaurant to Sapporo East and the Sushi is very good. Devon is very good for seafood and evry time I had fish at Chars it was excellent although they don't have nearly the selection that Devon does.

          1. For fried fish on Friday, it's Uncle George's in the West Shore Farmer's Market in Lemoyne. It's a great indoor market, open Friday and Saturday. Casual, though. And about the best cup of coffee around is at Dayton's.