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Apr 23, 2013 11:33 PM

Staying in Shinjuku for 4 days end April.

Can anyone recommend good sushi or eats in the Shinjuku area? Will be staying at the Hyatt Regency.

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  1. Near your hotel, sushi Sagane will be 10mn by walk, and the first dinner menu is at 8100-yens :
    If you can manage without relying on English, it will be a good start !!

    1. Positive Imbalance @ Nakameguro

      1st up had excellent Japanese fusion in a casual counter restaurant in Nakameguro a 2 min from the station.

      Dishes were heavily Japanese in nature with a hint of italian influence focusing mainly on seasonal produce.

      Chef is Japanese previously working in California. Nice guy who chats with you through dinner. Menu was Omakase as I had no clue but it was one of the better meals I have had in this style with some items like the baby squid sashimi being a first for me and the beef from his home town in Kobe a real treat.

      I paid a little over YEN17,000 for 3pax with about 14 courses which I felt was cheap. Its alittle off the traditional beaten path but well worth it.

      Restaurant has about 10 counter seats and seats another 10 in tables and I noticed had a private room in the back. IMO the counter was the best place to be as the whole kitchen is infront of you.

      1. Daiwa Sushi @ Tsukiji Market
        As usual Sushi Dai queue was ridiculous so Daiwa it was.
        I always ea at least once here in the market cos I like the atmosphere. Daiwa is as often said pretty decent if somewhat overpriced but its like comfort food to me. Omakase @ approx USD 45 per pax.

        1. Sushi Kanaseka @ Ginza

          Managed a lunch booking at 11.30am for my first high end Sushi dining experience.

          Had the 18 piece Omakase set @ YEN15,000
          It was for me an eye opener as the individuality of the pieces was not something i was used to. Rice was beautifully al dente and the fish was beautifully paired subtle condiments and sauces;and to sum it up made subsequent sushi at run of the mill sushi bars seem uninteresting.