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Apr 23, 2013 11:08 PM

Has anyone tried New Xing Long Cafe in Saugus? Looks like they have extensive vegetarian options

Just curious if any CHers have been here.. particularly because they seem to have veggie beef and chicken options which is rare outside of Boston. But curious about opinions on any of their food..

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  1. I have had delivery from there more than 100 times (I kid you not.) I have never gotten anything vegetarian though. I have tried many of their chicken and shrimp dishes. I usually get a combination plate, and they are very accommodating. I have asked for things to be less sweet (I am diabetic) and they have never given me any problems about it. I was even emailed once about a dish I didn't like and I was told to order something off menu instead. They also don't charge me extra when I ask for brown rice with my combo.

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      thanks! are they ok for eat in or mostly takeout? We want to try the veggie beef or chicken, maybe General Gau.. I called and was a little surprised that you cant get the veggie chicken in any of the combos or lunches or sub it for real chicken so you can only get it in the expensive one size version, but we will still try it. Any recs on shrimp dishes? Pad thai or lo mein?

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        I am not a fan of their lo mein, only because I don't like celery and they use a lot of it. I have never eaten there, but I passed it once while riding by there and it looked like a typical Chinese take-out place, nothing exciting. I have never had the Pad Thai, but I would swear by their rice noodles with shrimp. I also like their shrimp with broccoli, shrimp with garlic sauce and their har ding.

    2. We've been ordering take out from Xing Long for ages. There's been a Chinese restaurant in that place for a very long time. We find the execution of some of the food we like to be inconsistent, although when they're good they're Very good indeed. My husband likes the Gen Gau, which we cook at home but when we do take out that's what he usually orders. I prefer the spicy tofu and chow fun noodles - both vegetarian. They used to have lovely steamed dumplings but I don't see them on the new menu. The crab Rangoon can be terrific at times.

      We haven't ordered from them in a month or two but since this new menu is such a departure, or so it seems to me, we'll have to try some of the new items.

      1. Last night, a Thursday, we had take away from the New Xing Long and sadly it was the last time we'll do that. Two dishes and an appetizer that were probably the worst we've ever had. I say that fully knowing this is American-Chinese strip mall food. I don't know if I made bad choices but since the dishes were advertized as New, I wanted to see what the difference is between "old" and "new".

        Under the Tidbits section we had a combination of 2 chicken teriyaki, egg roll, honey boneless spare ribs, and the inevitable crab Rangoon. The egg roll, fully stuffed w shredded cabbage was cold and greasy with the wrapper very crisp but weirdly tough. Teriyaki was very well cooked w the chicken tender but lacking in much discernible flavor; just mildly sweet w no soy, mirin, ginger hints. The boneless spare ribs turned out to be tiny pieces of what looked like BBQ'd pork that had been chopped to be used in other preparations. IOW definitely not ribs. The Rangoons were dry, poorly wrapped, with no other taste sensation other than cream cheese.

        There are 2 chow fun dishes on the menu - 1 vegetarian and since I usually get the veg I chose New Xing Long Chow Fun House Special/chicken, pork shrimp. Large lumps of congealed chow fun noodles with tender chicken chunks, again the tiny chopped pork pieces, tiny shrimp, and unidentifiable vegetables. No flavor at all. I tasted one piece of my husband's Gen Gau's chicken: over cooked chunk of thickly battered chicken bathed, read drowned, in honey. Again over cooked,and tough, much too sweet. One bite was enough.

        So that was our most recent experience... YMMV.
        BTW: There's a ton left over and I usually make a fried rice with leftover vegetables but I don't know what to do w this lot...

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          wow, what a difference from your last post! I was going to try it based on yours and the others.. but now I doubt it.. You said it was inconsistent but that sounds crazy. Is it new owners?? You should try Bamboo House in Wakefield. They have the same guy cooking just about every nite for years, so consistency is way better than most.

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            Chompie, I tell you it was horrible and I for one was disappointed. My husband. however has a stomach of steel and will eat anythning, LOL. Even though he ate some of the General Gau he admitted it wasn't as well cooked as others he's had. The next day I when I went to see how the chow fun had fared over night the entire container was a vast congealed mass... think thick as a brick. It was tossed as was the other stuff.

            Thanks for the Bamboo House in Wakefield rec. The on-line menu looks pretty good. We'll have to try it.

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              hope you like it.. someone today told me that it used to be in Stoneham years ago and everyone missed it and didn't know it moved to Wakefield. I wonder if anyone here knew it then?