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Apr 23, 2013 09:42 PM

Best Dim Sum in the International District?

My son and I are making a trip over to visit my daughter next month. I grew up in Seattle and had dim sum many times at the old Hong Kong, but none since. Son has never experienced dim sum so I figured it's time. I'm wondering who has the good stuff? And....I have a serious craving for shrimp toast, so it would be nice if that was on their menu too. Thanks!

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  1. There's nothing there that blows me away, but Jade Garden and Harbor City do a pretty passable job.

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    1. re: seattle_lee

      Thank you! It doesn't need to be spectacular, just good. Both of those places sound pretty good. :)

    2. Whoops, replied in the wrong place.

      1. Shrimp toast may be a stretch to find.

        I have not seen it at Harbor city or Jade Garden.

        Another passable option is Sun Ya.
        However, the majority preference is our group is Harbor City.

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        1. re: dave_c

          Maybe I'll have to learn to make it myself. I was feeling nostalgic. ;)


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            Dim Sum House has shrimp toast but they are on Beacon Hill.

            1. re: knowspicker

              Hmm... I can do Beacon Hill. I'd like to see the area I grew up in anyway. Thanks!!

              I used to live on 23rd and Orcas, so that's quite close too. :)

          2. They don't offer dim sum, but Uptown China on Lower Queen Anne has shrimp toast on their menu.