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Apr 23, 2013 09:21 PM

Hand made Mexican Chorizo

I am looking for a corse ground, hand made chorizo, spicy is better, in the L.A. area. Not greasy like the ones that come pre packaged. I would love to know about first hand experience, you have had it and you liked it, not a place you have not been. Let's do it! TYIA

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  1. Thank you, I will be watching this thread with interest as I have been looking for good chorizo as well.

    I would like to note having gone to La Azteca Tortilleria in ELA on Servog's excellent recommendation for their Chile Relleno Burrito. It was delicious!

    While waiting, I noticed the chorizo on the menu. I asked the young man at the counter whether it was made on site. Sadly, he said it was not but that it was made by a local butcher who he touted as making a very lean and tasty product.

    I opted not to buy it at the time but plan on going back. It was $3.75 a pound.

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      LOVE the chorizo burrito at La Azteca, one of my faves! The Chorizo is darn good but recently have had some better, maybe I need to go to the Mercado on 1st. and do some exploring.

    2. The best Mexican chorizo is from Huntington Meats in the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax. Spicy and complex flavors -- its outstanding.

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        They are great! I love those guys there! Love the chorizo there. Just looking for a little more tradition and a corse grind. Huntington's is a little more Texas/New Mexico chorizo, that being said I have a pound in the freezer waiting on some beans.

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          Then maybe you should head to Orange County sometime. Ochoa's Chorizo in Santa Ana has coarser, more traditional, and hand-made pork (and also chicken) chorizo of varying heats. When I posted about this topic a few weeks ago, a chowhound volunteered Ochoa's and it was pretty good (cash only).

      2. I really like Vallarta's chorizo - dependent upon location. There is a Vallarta up the street from me (Reseda/Chase) that I avoid for most everything because it's just not that great but the he larger locations (roscoe/owensmouth, Corbin/Vanowen and Victory east of Balboa) have never let me down. It isn't terribly spicy but it's very flavorful, coarse ground and not at all greasy.

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          I've found that the Mexican chorizo from the Vallarta nearest us (Anaheim) has little flavor doesn't have a lot of flavor (but it's also not greasy).