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Apr 23, 2013 08:35 PM

Hongry Kong food truck - review w/ PICS

I finally tried out Hongry Kong Food Truck in Milpitas when they are there every other Wed, I found them Wed 4/10/13.

I got Beef brisket w/ tendons only comes with the Curryous George sauce $8 + Add Ons Flaky Egg Tart & Specialty Drink $3.5 more.

Meat was ok, some pieces too thick & not tender enough, tendons - I don't like. Flaky egg tart was ok, Golden Gate Bakery is still better. I got Iced HK Milk Tea it was tasty enough.

I got a Pin in a bag with their card & 1 pc of White Rabbit Candy - tossed the candy.

Charged my meal, think it was over $11.50, didn't get a receipt so not sure how much I paid.

They have a bunch of other Tart flavors I want to try: Pecan Tart $2; Coconut Tart $2; Egg Tarts $1.25; Mousse Tarts $1.5 Lychee, mango, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, cream cheese.

Grilled chicken or pork chop with tangy tomato or dreamy creamy sauce sound good to me for next time.

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  1. didn't think much of their food when i tried their fried wings months ago. menu looked too compiicated then.

    tried their milk tea and mango tarts a month ago. pretty decent.for the price.

    recipes come via hong kong. they are opening an eatery in burlingame soon.