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Apr 23, 2013 08:34 PM

Graduation Dinner - Cupertino/Stanford/South Bay

I am looking for place to have graduation dinner - approx 25/30 people around June 10. Most guests will be of south-asian origin, but I've been told Indian cuisine is out. I was thinking American/Italian/Mexican...

Would love some recommendations.

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  1. More peninsula, but could work: Left Bank, Donato Enoteca

    1. Agree with previous recs for LB in Menlo Park & Donato in Redwood City. Haven't been to LB in Santana Row but that is another option.

      Opa in Los Altos - been a few times and enjoyed our meals with the exception of, of all things, lamb souvlaki & chops. In a Greek place! Found the ones here to be fatty, grisly. Very good chicken souvlaki and meatballs, though latter is much better at Evvia. Haven't been to Campbell location. Can be loud but reasonably priced and possibly free corkage (don't see it on menu now). Haven't been to Willow Glen location.

      For special occasions further south, friend likes Park Place in Cupertino.