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Apr 23, 2013 08:19 PM

Punch for a picnic?

I'm going on a picnic tomorrow and was thinking of bringing a punch. I'd like to keep it relatively cheap. There may only be three or four of us in attendance. I've never made a punch before, just cocktails. Any suggestions?

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  1. some form of sangria would be my choice

    1. For Spring weather, Picon Punch comes to mind.

      Torani now markets a Picon product from California, which is close to the original Amer Picon.

      Recipes abound online.

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      1. re: SWISSAIRE

        Well, I had to google that and now I want to make it! I have never seen Amer Picon. Are you implying with the Torani reference that it's not sold in US or elsewhere anymore?

        1. re: splatgirl

          The Torani Amer is sold and available in the US.

          The original product from France, Picon Amer, alas, is no longer sold in North America. The French product has changed and the alcoholic content is much less. Conversely, the Torani Amer product is higher in alcohol and close to the original Picon Amer recipe. ( Lucky you ).

          Why the change in Picon French products ? This is perhaps that it is common in Pays Basque region to serve it neat, or over ice with a twist of lemon, or orange peel. With less alcohol, one's legs respond to the brain signals, when it is time to get up from the table.

          Two photos are attached so you may identify the products. If you are fortunate enough to come across the Picon, you might wish to purchase that as a rare treasure.

          There are other Picon Amer substitutions I read, including home made recipes. I would try the Torani Amer, and if you like it, proceed with your online search from there.

          I hope this is helpful.

          Bonne chance !

      2. If you like sweet and fruity: a bag of mixed frozen fruit (the kind with melon, strawberries, etc), a can of frozen passion fruit juice, and pour in a bottle of prosecco (or other bubbly). You could take the parts out of the freezer, and it would still be cold when you throw it together at the picnic if you're not going too far.

        1. If you are planning on doing a rum based punch, I would suggest Meier's Light Dry Rum (not to be confused with the more expensive Myer's Rum). It's inexpensive and a great substitute for Bacardi at a fraction of the price. It's about $10 a bottle.

          For vodka, Sobieski is a really good inexpensive brand. My friends and I drink it straight up, it's that smooth.

          Personally, I like ginger ale in my punches, but you need to drink them right away or else the carbonation goes flat.

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            My husband and I often go for picnics in the summer, and I always bring a thermos of rum punch. It's a riff on Zombies, I guess you could say. A combination of several rums and several juices, whatever is on hand. I prefer Jamaican rum, but guess it's not that important.