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Apr 23, 2013 08:15 PM

Best Sonoma Wines in VA and Where?

We're trying to find some good sonoma reds in northern virginia. Any suggestions where to go for reasonably priced ones? We went to Homewood winery in Sonoma and loved it, but I can't bring myself to pay for 1 case at $350. I would like to find wines such as these around here locally.

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  1. In VA and DC Costco and Trader Joes usually sell local VA wine at a reasonable price

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      I believe that xena is looking for Sonoma wines. While $350 a case is not bad for a good Sonoma PN, I get your point. Sonoma wines are not that common because many are small production, or high end. Chain Bridge Cellars has some, TotalWine has a bunch. Remember that many wines from Sonoma are not labeled as such and instead will be from Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, etc.

      You would probably do better to go into DC, either Calvert-Woodley or McArthur's for a larger selection.