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Apr 23, 2013 08:11 PM

Best Greek bakery for takeout pastries / dessert

We want to buy some assorted pastries and / or a cake or something on a Sunday, to bring to a party. Poseidon is closed then, so we would need to buy them the day before or find another shop that is open on Sunday. I've never even been to Poseidon myself. Is it good? Are there better options?

While I have a sweet tooth I'm not well-versed in Greek pastries and would welcome any input or suggestions. Are there good desserts that aren't some variation of phyllo dough, nuts and honey? Given that we may have to buy them a day in advance and also won't be to keep them refrigerated the entire time on Sunday, I guess we will, sadly, probably need to stay away from anything with cream or custard.

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  1. I just returned from Greece and most of the pastries in the bakeries had baklava, and other honey and nut pastries or great custard and cheese filled items. They also had things like spinach pies and calzone type things. Maybe you should go the italian route.
    In Astoria, the Greek bakeries have many types of desserts, they have these cute chocolate covered mouse shaped pastries and other fudge filled etc

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      Actually, we're going to a party and our host specifically asked that we bring a Greek dessert (or desserts, in the case of pastries). So I think the idea is to bring something more authentic than not, if that makes sense.

    2. If you're on the UWS, consider Artopolis, Amsterdam Ave between 113th and 114th. But Poseidon may be a better bet.

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        Thanks. I am on West Side, kind of between Poseidon and Artopolis. Just looked at the latter's website. If I didn't know it was a Greek shop I would never have guessed based on the pastry selection, which included things like tiramisu and mille feuille. I'd be curious to pop in the next time I'm on Morningside Heights, but I think Poseidon seems like the better bet for this particular situation, as you also suggested.

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          Artopolis is much better than Artopolis. Artopolis is the best Greek bakery in the city. Their Galaktoboureko is also the best I have found outside Greece. They also have a number of different baklavas with different fillings.

          Easter is coming up, so they should have my favorite childhood cookie Koulourakia. The kourabiethes are good, just not as good as my grandmothers.

          All their stuff is good really.

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          Thanks very much to all for the feedback. I think we'll either go to Poseidon or, time permitting, Artopolis in Astoria.

          Now my question is if we buy the desserts on Saturday, will they keep well till when they would be served Sunday early evening? In particular, I would be interested to try most of the stuff everyone listed. I guess koulourakia, kourabiethes and finikia / melomakarona should all hold up okay, right? But how about galaktoboureko -- should that be eaten the same day?

          Thanks again for all the help.

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            They should be fine--keep them covered. In case you have the time, Artopolis in Astoria is barely 20 minutes away from Lexington Avenue on the N train.

            1. re: bob96

              Thanks, I'll do that. I think we'll try to go to Astoria. If there's a nearby good Greek restaurant for dinner that would be an added incentive! I'll check the Outer Boroughs board.

              1. re: bob96

                Galaktoboureko is best fresh since it will get soggy if you leave it in the refrigerator. Cookies like koulourakia and melomakarona sometimes seem to absorb stale flavors easily, but they are fine if you keep them in a clean, airtight container. The kourabiethes and finikia should hold up in their boxes.

          2. The finikia (aka melomakarona, a Greek spiced honey cookie) and kourabiedes (a Greek almond shortbread that's quite similar to Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cookies) at Poseidon are very good. Much better than the finikia and kourabiedes being sold in Toronto's Greek bakeries.

            I haven't tried Poseidon's other Greek pastries. Last time I was there, they seemed to mostly focus on the cookies and phyllo desserts. I don't remember seeing too many cream/custard-based Greek desserts, other than galatoboureko (which is a phyllo-topped custard dessert).

            Poseidon did have some phyllo-based desserts involving fruit fillings, such as sour cherries and apples, if you wanted to stay away from honey and nuts.

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              I wasn't crazy about the finikia at Poseidon, the finikia at Artopolis (Astoria) has a fresher taste to it. Overall the Artopolis in Astoria is better than Poseidon, although it's a bit of a schlep.

            2. Hadn't known that Artopolis was in Manhattan, too. I highly recommend he classy Astoria shop, loaded with delicious cookies and other traditional sweets, and breads and savoury pies, too, all very well done, and presented with style. You can also stop next store at the wine shop for a bottle of muscat from Samos to accompany it all.

              1. Another vote for Artopolis, my favorite bakery of any sort in the City (though I've only been to the one in Astoria). The melomakarona (soft honey cookies) are my favorite -- definitely not based on phyllo and store well. I freeze them and take them out as I need them and they taste just made.

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                  +2 for Artopolis - Astoria. I'll add that in my experience the Morningside Heights outpost is but a pale imitation of the main location in Astoria. Well worth the trip to Queens. Frankly, I'm not sure I'd even bother with M. Heights.