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Reading Terminal Market & Chinatown

Husband & I used to live in Philadelphia but we moved away almost 10 years ago. Coming down for a weekend visit, staying at Residence Inn by City Hall. Looking for good eats nearby. We are traveling with our 6-month old, so service has to be fast (for lunch). Also we'll need take-out for dinner as our son's bedtime is 8pm; it's best if we eat dinner in our room.

What's good at Reading Terminal Market these days? We have a kitchen at the hotel so we can heat food up in our room or even do easy prep.

I looked at threads for Chinatown and see that Sang Kee and Rangoon are still going strong. Any other suggestions?

I also love baked goods. I can't remember the Chinese bakeries I used to go to - it has 2 stores within 1 block of each other? What about Reading Terminal, any good baked goods there?

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  1. Beiler's bakery just opened up a donut stand in the RTM, across from their bakery. I haven't tried it yet, but have sampled their donuts at the Pennsylvania Dutch festival and they are great. There is a new cheese place that also does grilled cheese. Most of the old standbys (Dinics, Salumeria, Rib Stand) are still there and still good. There's a pretty good Jewish deli and a cajun place.

    For your dinners, you might also think about Diningin.com, which does delivery from many restaurants.

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      Termini's Bakery has a stand in RTM with their great cannolis and other things and both Metropolitan Bakery and The Bus have shops there too -- all great bakeries!

    2. The awesomely good South Philly German restaurant Brauhaus Schmitz now has a stand at RTM called Wursthaus Schmitz and I only hear good things about it. DiNic's roast pork sandwich won as "Best Sandwich In America" on Adam Richman's tv show by that name, so be ready for huge lines there.

      1. Best bets at Reading Terminal include pancakes and apple dumplings at the Dutch Eating Place, cannoli and raspberry pound cake at Termini's, roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone from Dinic's, chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels at Mueller's, soft pretzels from Miler's Twist. As previously mentioned Beiler's Doughnuts just opened and they have about 20+ flavors of donuts they make on site.

        1. Molly Malloy's -- which replaced the beer garden -- is a nice spot for sit-down lunch. The burgers are fantastic.

          1. Oh my! Thanks for all your suggestions. cannoli, wursts, donuts... all my favs!

            1. Don't miss ice cream from Bassett's--the oldest ice cream maker in the US, and worthy of acclaim. The only place you can get it scooped fresh is at the Terminal. The fresh fruit flavors are great, although my favorite is the dark chocolate chip. It's not posted, but you can ask for a kid's cone (one scoop) if you've already overindulged at the other stands in the terminal

              1. Here are my Chinatown recommendations:

                - Tian Wong - I think it's on 10th Street 1.5 blocks north of the Chinatown Arch. They have great BBQ Pork (char siu), Roast Pork (siu yuk), Kingdom Pork Chop on rice. It's real cheap, too.

                - Zhong Gang Bakery - It's sort of diagonally across the street from Tian Wong and is closer to the Chinatown Arch. They have great egg custard tarts, almond cookies as big as your face for $1, steamed Chinese sausage rolls, steamed egg custard buns, and baked pineapple buns with egg custard filling.

                1. Near to the market is this hole in the wall Chinese place - Dim Sum Garden - that serves really good soup dumplings. Don't be put off by the bus-station vibe nearby..

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                    Dim Sum also had/has a vegetarian bun with tofu (and a green I cannot remember) that were wonderful.

                  2. Wow, so many things in Reading Terminal and Chinatown. Let's start with Reading Terminal. DiNic's is good if you like sandwich/sub. Profi's Crêperie is great too.

                    As for Chinatown, it depends what you want. If you want Cantonese Dim Sum, then the usual Ocean Harbor, Ocean City and Joy Tsin Lau are all good. If you like the simpler restaurants with rice/noodle combination or with Chinese BBQ, then Ting Wong is very good:


                    As for Chinese bakeries, there are many good ones. Try: Monk Kok Station or Zhong Gang. Both on 10th street:


                    1. The Peking duck rolls from the sang kee stand in the RTM are the bomb. less that $2 too.

                      1. Anything new and noteworthy. Staying in the area this weekend and coming from NYC. Interested in unique Philly foods.

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                          In that area, not so much. Where are you staying and how far can you range?

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                            Staying near convention center. Headed to dinner at Marigold tonight but tomorrow and Sunday, no plans. Not going to have a car

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                              They opened up a few new stalls at RTM (donuts, lamb) since then. Also Pennsylvania 6 and Little Nonna's opened since that time (and are close by) but haven't been to either. Just remember Philly is very walkable and Rittenhouse restaurants are a 10 or 15 minute walk and Old City is not much farther away from where you are staying. If you can somehow get into Zahav for dinner on Saturday it's pretty unique.

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                                The lamb stand is outstanding. They do a great gyro, a smoked lamb shoulder sandwich which is fantastic, and lamb tacos which are outstanding (served in a mixture of white and blue corn tortillas the seasoned grilled lamb plus onion and cilantro and rotating sauces is one of my favorite dishes at the RTM.) If you are there around breakfast the lamb hash is great too.

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                                As there have been many dissenting opinions on Marigold Kitchen in its new guise, please report back on your experience there.
                                IMO. the pulled pork at Dinic's, (Ask for wet, wet, wet) far exceeds the roast pork option.