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Apr 23, 2013 05:25 PM

Celebratory lunch in the same vein as Momofuku Ko?

My husband got an amazing promotion and we will be moving to San Francisco soon. On an upcoming visit I had hoped to take him to lunch at Momofuku Ko to celebrate but had no luck snagging a reservation. Unfortunately, due to timing/family plans, a Friday lunch is our only option, but I would like to try and find a similar place if possible. That is, really interesting food done really well and ideally somewhat adventurously. He is a former line cook and an assiduous home cook as well as a research scientist, so imagination is more important than decor or even service. We will be in Chelsea but would travel a bit for a special meal.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park's New York themed tasting menu? Not cheap but very pampering. I just checked and there are even lunch reservations available this coming Friday on OpenTable.

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      EMP is a wonderful idea. If the OP has a month to plan the lunch, Per Se is another idea. If money is no problem, the 20 course extended tasting lunch for $600 pp would be a truly exquisite way to celebrate.

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        Thanks! Those are both solid ideas and places we've discussed before. Unfortunately they have no openings for 5/3 right now but I will get on on the waitlists and keep trying.

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            Yes, Per Se raised the price. Still wonderful!

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                I indulged in it again 2 months ago. You would have loved it since there were 2 huge pieces of the calotte de boeuf. It was too much food for me, and I had to have packed up one of the pieces of the beef, half of the doughnuts, all of the chocolates and mignardises. My sister thoroughly enjoyed it all when I stopped by after my lunch at Per Se.

      2. The lunch requirement drastically limits your options. I would say pick one of the *** Michelin star places, most of which offer lunch.

        1. Thanks, all. In the end I was lucky enough to snag a dinner reservation the night before we were supposed to come down - it will mean another night at a hotel and some rearranging of plans but I think it's worth it since this is so perfectly his style. Then I got us lunch at Babbo for our free Friday.

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            If you were able to get a dinner reservation at Ko, congrats! My office internet connection was too slow today so I missed out (darn!). I prefer the dinner to lunch at Ko because I adore the soft cooked egg with American caviar, onion soubise and fingerling potato chips that is served only at dinner. Have a great time!