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Apr 23, 2013 04:54 PM

Ramen Bar, Pgh -- Recommend

Nu, I've had Ramen in San Francisco (practically all I ate for days), and Manhattan too. So, as you might guess, I'm a fan of the genre.

Atmosphere: Well, they're going for the "street cart" atmosphere in terms of decor. Doesn't seem to quite work with the female waitresses (I'd have gone with something slightly different).

Portion size: Large enough for a six mile walk afterward, and to still be not hungry at the end. Larger than Lulu's, and about triple what I had at Salt when they first started serving Ramen.

Miso Broth: Adequate, which puts it head over heels above the competition. This broth was seriously healing. Note: I'm not the one to ask about "too much salt." Also, they're serving Tokyo style, so it's using aka miso.

Noodles: did not appear to be made on site (not a knock). seemed neutral (as opposed to alkaline).

Veggies: excellent quality

Silverware: Chopsticks, which made dining interesting. But nobody was slurping the noodles, which was sad.

This restaurant is a must visit, even for me, who doesn't go to restaurants often. Note: they're doing a much better job with the ramen than with the "specialty noodle bowls" (the tom yum's broth was notably weaker.)

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  1. Isn't there one -- maybe two -- on Forbes Ave in Squirrel HIll, which has gone almost completely Asian, foodwise?

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    1. re: Jay F

      One what? One Block?
      You have Sun Penang (malaysian)
      Rose Tea Cafe (Cantonese)
      New How Lee (Hunan/Sichuan)
      Everyday Noodles
      Ramen Bar
      (and a few others...).

      But you also have:
      a NY pizza joint (I'm bad with names)
      Rita's ice
      ... etc.

      Lotta restaurants

      1. re: Chowrin

        I misread your headline. I thought you were looking for *a* ramen bar, not *the* place called Ramen Bar. And the way you wrote "Recommend," it sounds as if you're asking people to recommend something to you.

        The second place I was talking about is Everyday Noodles. Obviously you know about it.

        Rita's Ice and Coldstone are crap. Italian Village is okay pizza, but not worth a special trip, and the place on the north side of Forbes that used to be the bike store and before that the hardware store has the worst pizza I've ever eaten--like getting in the Wayback Machine and dialing in 1970.

        1. re: Jay F

          I hope my review was entertaining at least!
          Haven't been to everyday noodles, but someone on the bus liked it...

        2. re: Chowrin

          Is Rose Tea Cafe worth a visit? I had read it was one of the only places in the area for okay Taiwanese food.

          1. re: mookleknuck

            Definitely worth a visit! The bubble tea is delish, and so's the food! (If you come with an appetite, you may wind up ordering more than one dish. the prices are fair, so you won't notice, but, I figured I ought to point out that the portions are a bit smaller than sometimes).

            1. re: Chowrin

              Thanks, Chowrin, for mentioning portion size. I'd probably want to try their choudofu (stinky tofu), but have my doubts as to how good it could be. And luckily, leftovers are never an issue.

              1. re: mookleknuck

                if you do try it, please let me know how it is!