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Apr 23, 2013 02:45 PM

Point Lobster Company

I've posted about these guys before. Frankly, I think we're blessed to have a fish monger of this quality nearby. Hell, I don't think there is a better spot in the Mon/OC for seafood, or even the State.

Last week, however, I sent my Dad over the Bridge to get what he thought looked best. The guys sent him back with a chunka tuna for me that they swore by. I was gonna freeze it since I had already prepped so much food, but then I tasted a little slice. Wow! I mean, really, Wow! I wound up serving a few thin, raw slices with just a coupla drops of soy sauce on 'em. It totally upstaged the scallops my buddy brought me from his boat (and that I cleaned myself after only a short time outta the water).

To be clear, I owe these guys nothin', but, as a loyal 'hound, I feel it worth given them their own thread. In season, their fluke is a big favorite for us. My only suggestion is that you go in and be frank about what you want - "Hey Man, I'm a dirty food dork and I don't care much what I get, just tell me what you'd eat tonight if you were me?"

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  1. Don't apologize. It's great to hear about things being done right!

    1. MGZ - have to agree with you completely on this one. We have been going to PLC for several years now and it is now our go to place for any thing that come out of the ocean. The fact that their pricing is very fair is a bonus and it seals the deal...

      1. Beautiful post and much appreciated. Will be shopping there soon!

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          I part, I was hopin' we could use this thread to update others when there are particularly solid specials or new stuff, ok? As much as I wanna call attention to the guys, I'd appreciate it if someone sees the $3.99 lobster sign go up again. For example, the East Coast moratorium that started in February has lifted and summer is getting closer. I would think that would mean no more "fly over state" prices and only Canadian lobsters.