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Apr 23, 2013 01:52 PM

Las Vegas Thai - is it really all that?

Hi, Las Vegas hounds: I'll be there for about 24 hours next month, so I have one dinner opportunity. I get plenty of fancy food here at home and elsewhere, so I can skip the high-end places in which LV seems to excel. My research has turned up some reportedly great Thai restaurants, however, and I love really great Thai food. Cheda Thai and Lotus of Siam in particular get lots of love from critics. Two questions for you all: (1) Are they really all that? (2) Of the two, which would you choose? Thanks in advance and I promise to report back!

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    1. Unless you're from Los Angeles, Vegas has impressive Thai food. You can't go wrong with Lotus of Siam.

      1. Also heard that Weera Thai is good, and my friends love LeThai on Fremont Street.

        1. Wow. I'm in! Thanks, everybody. Will post back.

          1. 1. Yes!

            2. I'd go to Lotus for its encyclopedic menu, its outstanding chef, and northern Thai specials that are hard to find. I've never found any restaurant, anywhere, that serves so many outstanding dishes.

            I'd choose Chada if I wanted to go to a quieter, less bustling place, or if I wanted to focus on beverages and just snack, or if you wanted to try some Southern Thai specialties that aren't available at Lotus.

            This is in no way to denigrate Chada. I love it, in fact. Along with Lotus and Raku, it is one of my favorite places to eat in LV.

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                I'm a happy camper because I'm going to be eating Saipin's food tonight. In NYC! She's participating in the Lucky Rice festival and is serving two sold-out dinners. It's kind of a greatest hits collection -- no new or off-Lotus menu dishes -- I've had each dish more than 20 times. But I don't care.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  I was going to go to that but I wasn't sure about large crowd, quality not to mention the $88 pp price tag. You must report back!

                  1. re: LVI

                    The dinner was held in a gorgeous brownstone/mansion on Hudson Street. I don't usually like these kind of events and wouldn't have gone if Saipin wasn't cooking.

                    The food was terrific but not as good as it is at the restaurant and with the exception of the Northern larb, would rate about a 2 or 3 in spiciness. For some reason, the papaya salad was in fact a green mango salad, which might have been my favorite course of the evening. Dinner was served with four different champagnes and a rose.

                    There were "only" about 40 people there, served on two different floors, way fewer covers than Saipin serves every night, but there were still some temperature control issues endemic to any kind of banquet that would never happen at the restaurant.