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Apr 23, 2013 01:39 PM

Vegetarian/ Vegan Cooking Shows

I don't plan on becoming vegetarian/vegan any time soon, but I am interested in eating better so I will have a vegetarian meal a couple times a week. That being said I have been watching both Christina Pirello and Laura Theodore aka Jazzy Vegetarian. They are as different as night and day.

I watched all of Christina's shows and found she puts me off. Her food doesn't look that appetizing. The fact she uses hard to find ingredients that you can only find in health food or a whole food stores. Her very condescending tone is what puts me off completely also I question her medical advice. Does she have a medical degree? I thought there wasn't a way to learn to eat healthy except watching Christina. That was until one morning I turned on the Creat Tv channel and discovered The Jazzy Vegetarian.

Laura Theodore makes you feel welcome whether you are a vegetarian/vegan or a meat eater. She is non judgmental and I love that. Also her food looks wonderful. She uses ingredients that are found in any well stocked grocery store. She uses ingredients like portobello mushrooms, walnuts, onions etc not some hard to find sea vegetable that you have to look up to find out what it is. She does use soy products which I am not sure of using since there are so many opinions about the safety of soy out there.There are more than enough of non soy recipes that sound so delicious. I learned more from watching the few shows of the Jazzy Vegetarian than I ever did watching all the versions of Christina Pirello's many shows.

I would love to hear your opinions. Are there other healthy cooking shows on the air?

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  1. The only vegetarian show I remember was on the old Food know, when they actually had cooking shows...that featured Curtis Aikens. Haven't seen it in years.

    Your description of Christina reminds me of the title of the forum about her show on Television Without PIty: "Christina Condescends, I mean, Cooks"

    1. I generally don't watch vegetarian/vegan cooking shows, but there's always the Vegan Black Metal Chef on youtube if you've had enough of Christina.

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        Even set to mute, his hand jewelry, poor lighting, and decorations are too distracting for me.

        Then his pad Thai was a packet of Thai seasonings and a cup of sugar :(. I had to stop lol

      2. In addition to the shows you've mentioned (the food on both looks appalling to me), PBS's Create station also has Vegan Mash-Up, which has 3 different cooks per show.

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          My create channel doesn't air Vegan Mash-Up. Sounds interesting - even to a non-vegan. I'll search other channels to see if I can find it.

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            It's not in their current lineup, which changes often. But they just began a Lebanese food show, Cooking with Julie Taboulie. I think she's an airhead, but most of the food she's been cooking is vegetarian, or could easily be.

        2. I agree - the Jazzy Vegetarian is much more welcoming than Christina who give the impression that anyone who consumes even one wrong ingredient should face the firing squad! Lighten up lady, it's just food.