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Apr 23, 2013 12:43 PM

boca raton, florida

Boca has great food. Just moved here, would like to know if there are great Mom & Pop restaurants? and ethnic hidden treasures.
Thank you in advance!

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  1. My BIL is from Greece and he loves Estia Taverna & Bar.

    1. I had a delicious Cuban lunch at the hole-in-the-wall Caribbean Grill not long ago. Others have recommended Padrino's.

      Speaking of holes-in-the-wall, for a budget Indian lunch, check out hidden away, tiny. tiny Bombay Café.

      For very good & authentic Neapolitan pizza, check out this surprising find - Pummarola - in the Town Center Food Court, of all places:

      I have not yet been to Rocksteady Jamaican Jerk Cafe - but you could look into that if you want to check out some "different" ethnic.

      For casual, counter-serve, chef-run Italian, Talia's has fantastic subs and a NYC "attitude" that most people either hate or love.

      That should keep you busy for a few days...

      1. We enjoyed our dinner at Sybarite Pig on Rte 441/Glades Road. Chef owned, small place, strong on craft beers and pork. Loved the galbi, Korean short ribs, and the kimchee. Beware that a number of menu items may be unavailable due to market/sourcing.

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          Sybarite Pig is a place that would seem at home on the LES side of Manhattan. Probably not recommended for an "older" conservative crowd unsued to unusual preparations of Asian-inflected meat cooking.

          Another side that I liked, and failed to mention in review below, is the parsnip puree.

          I might classify this place as one that would be welcomed by the food-obsessed seeking chef-driven spots not so easy to find in this neck of the woods.. No fake greenery, columns or fountains, no cliches on the small menu. Very strong on beers, as I mentioned. Oh, that porter from Evil Twin!!!

          Young Fedora-crowned chef/owner, Dan, from Venezuela, deserves suppoort from the local food community. Many veg hail from Swank Farms in Loxahatchee; pork from Palmetto Creek Farms. Enough said.

          Four of us had an early Sunday dinner here a week or so ago, and were very pleased.

          Attentive and caring service from Owner Dan began with detailed explanation of the myriad beer, cider, and even mead selection. I was blown away by the roasted coffee and almond richness of the Evil Twin Biscotti Break porter.

          We began with a shared main, as appetizer, of Pork Belly, with Pickled Fennel and Plum relish. Excellent!

          Laurels for best of the night should probably go to the Kalbi, long-marinated grilled Korean short ribs...cut flanken style.

          Two of us enthused over the tri-tip Cheddar burger, while one among us sampled the Lamb burger, which I did not taste.

          Side dishes were memorable: Piquant kimchee, parsnips pureed to silky consistency with creme fraiche, macaroni and cheese which one diner declined to share, among others.

          Desserts were a tie between the bacon chocolate cookie (my favorite) and the brownie infused with ancho chili, cinammon, and salted caramel.

          Interesting, experimental, convivial to the local food scene....delicious and certainly worth checking out.

          Dinner for four, with drinks, $100.15 before tip.

        2. Boca Skewers and Las Fajitas are ethnic mom & pop places we love.