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Apr 23, 2013 12:20 PM


I know they all suck here. this is a perennial posting topic. Just looking for rays of light, not criticism. Is wholly bagel still around? can't find much of a web presence for them.

Aside from that, is one Central Market better than another for bagels?

7-11 used to make an approachable bagel, anyone had it lately?

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  1. Wholly Bagels is still around. They seem to have only a semi active facebook page but no other real web presence. I live north so hard to make it down there. They told me their bagels are sold at a few stores in town, including a small market at the Triangle. I haven't been in to confirm it yet.

    Central Market North's bagels are terrible. Entirely unworthy of being sold at CM. Supposedly the store is considering a full remodel and among the items under discussion is making their own bagels. They should just buy bagels from a quality manufacturer like WB or Rockstar.

    Wheatsville sells Rockstar bagels, which I think are very good bagels. I think their bakery is now at a coffee shop on Riverside.

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    1. It's surprising that Einstein Bagels doesn't seem to get much respect - We're from Philly and are preety happy with their bagels.... Plus they freeze really well....

      1. Wholly Bagel is the only game in town. They meet my NYC wife's standards.

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          is wholly bagel just the one storefront down south? can i pre-order a couple dozen? just seeing if you know. i've had a hard time finding a way to get in touch with them. when i've called, the phone just rings and rings.

          any insight is appreciated. thanks

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            It is just the one down south off Wm. Cannon. Weird that they wouldn't answer during business hours :/

            I'm certain you could order ahead and pick up when you need em. The guy who runs the place is super cool (and super Jerz).

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              I think they close in mid-afternoon, so maybe they are closed by then.

          2. +1 for Rockstar bagels.

            if you go to their website you'll see all of places you can buy them.

            the rosemary & salt variety is pretty tasty. I'll occasionally indulge in their bagel dogs, too.. a beast of a peppery course ground sausage and a thin layer of bagel.

            1. got up early and trekked across town for some wholy bagels. got a few of several kinds for a brunch on sunday. they were pretty good.

              Not standout by NY standards, but maybe the most legit i've had in town. They were better than the ones brought in from a usually reliable spot in Dallas the day before.

              As far as I'm concerned, the texture inside and out was spot on. the shell protected a doughy center, both of which have held up to the toaster oven nicely for dinner on day 2.

              my biggest quibble is I'd like them to have a little more taste. The onion and egg had the most distinct tastes for me. Maybe it's a salt issue, but i know nothing of bread.

              Service was fast and friendly. Found a few black&whites by the counter imported from the Bronx. They were memorable enough that i'd probably drive back for those alone. Thick cakey cookie and a rich frosting with just the right amount of snap to it.

              my total haul of 15 warm bagels and a few cookies was under 20 bucks.

              mopac before 10am on sunday morning is a relative pleasure. I even beat the nav system by a couple minutes, maybe the fuzz was still at church.

              i'll have to step up the gym visits if this place is going into the rotation, but i think it'll be worth it.

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                I like wholly bagel, but i really like rockstar bagels better. I had them again about a week ago for the firsat time in about a year, and thought they were a bit denser than wholly bagels. I picked mine up at wheatsville. Of course, there are no black and white cookies, etc.