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Apr 23, 2013 12:20 PM

Italian near NEW WORLD STAGES | 340 West 50th Street

Coming to New York in mid-May and with spouse plus 18 and 19 yr old daughters..Hotel is in Mid-town East and going to an 8pm Peter and the Starcatchers off-Broadway..thinking we want to do italian this eve..and wondering if it would be too difficult to go to one of the other neighborhoods to eat? We were looking at L'Artusi, Osteria Morini, or Da Andrea for example and want to also appeal to the daughters and want great food! Now wondering if we should try to find something closer to the theatre or hotel, just doesn't seem like as good of choices though. Considering Basso 56, Sosa Barella, or perhaps Trattoria Trecolori closer to theatre....Oh what a delimma! Any thoughts?

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  1. How about Babbo or Perla in the West Village? They are probably the best examples of rustic Italian in NYC right now and are easily accessible by subway or bus from the theater district.

    The restaurants close to the theater would not be as good as L'Artusi or Osteria Morini. I'm not a huge fan of Esca though it has its fervent admirers. Trattoria dell'Arte is always reliable for old fashioned Italian-American dishes like chicken parm though that might not be what you had in mind.

    You could look into Marea or Lincoln further north towards Lincoln Center, though both might feel too corporate. Closer to your hotel, consider Felidia.

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      We had dinner recently at Trattoria delle'Arte and it was terrible. It was overpriced, very touristy, and the food wasn't good. We all remembered why we hadn't been there in more than 5 years (maybe 10).

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        Yikes...I will stay away from that one! Kind of leaning to VIce Versa or Felidia I believe...Thanks!

    2. Take a look at Il Melograno on 10 and 51. Its sort of like Da Andrea tho I prefer DA. I just sent 7 women to Il Melograno and they came back very satisfied

      1. If you choose to stay nearby, my picky friends and relatives have all very much enjoyed ViceVersa on 51st (alternatively, I'd head across the street from New World Stages to Chez Napoleon, and order the baked mussels appetizer and one of their excellent French/Swiss main courses).

        1. those look like great suggestions..Ziggy I will look into II Melograno, and i think Felidia sounds nice too..I guess it's a matter of how close we want to be to the hotel or Theatre..thanks...
          Has anyone ever tried Basso 56 or is that not in the same league as some of the others mentioned?

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            Basso 56 is a solid neighborhood restaurant like Da Andrea but otherwise rather ordinary. Try Marea or A Voce on 59th Street instead.

          2. Youre also extremely close to Don Antonio for really good neopolitan pizzas with some more unusual options (including a pizza build on a fried dough, and a "rachetta" which is half calzone, half pizza.) non pizza options are limited to salads and, i think, bruschetta, but have been tasty when weve ordered them.

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              Perhaps the best idea so far. They have other options like Burrata and Arancinis.