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Apr 23, 2013 12:09 PM


Going tomorrow. Any "must haves?"

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  1. I personally recommend:
    oyster sliders, baby beets w/ ricotta, those damn dessert donuts, gin & tonic (cocktail)

    from others, I hear you should get:
    oysters, lobster roll

    I thought the poutine was really good but not a "must have" for me, brussel sprouts good but a bit played out IMHO, steak tartare also good but not mind blowing.

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    1. re: ns1

      i did want to try the lobster roll, the oyster sliders, and the poutine, and maple onion rings.

      regarding the poutine, was thee bits of the montreal smoked beef in there or was there pork in the dish ?

      1. re: kevin

        tasted like beef and curds.

        the oyster sliders are srsly amazing.

        1. re: ns1

          cool, i don't know why i didn't already made it there.

          possibly something about this diet that i'm on now.

          will for sure get those sliders too.

      1. re: Citron58

        Are the clam cakes the "real" New England kind? I'm a Rhode Island native, long ago transplanted to LA, and while I don't like most seafood (I know - a native Rhode Islander who hates seafood - go figure), I still get the occasional clam cake craving. Stuffed quahogs too - does anyone around here make stuffies?

        Sorry to hijack your thread, perk. Just having some serious food nostalgia here.

          1. re: cookie monster

            I've seen frozen stuffed clams in the freezer case of my Gelson's before. Don't know if they are Matlaw's though.... ;-)

            1. re: cookie monster

              mmm... stuffies.
              If I could only find good quahogs here. A little Ritz cracker stuffing, mixed with some chopped chaurice and onion...
              Wow. I'm hungry now!

              1. re: jdwdeville

                Yeah, no such thing on this coast..... I have ordered them canned from Famous in order to make my family's RI chowder. But no live quahogs are available......

          2. Just to echo some of the items mentioned below: the claim cakes (more like fritters), the oyster sliders (light tempura batter), the wonderful lobster roll, the way the maple played off the onion rings. The server said the brisket was amazing, too, but I did not have the room for that first visit.

            1. strong Canadian influence in the menu, incase you're wondering about the theme

              1. Liked it a lot. My favorite thing may have been the oyster sliders. Though I thought they could have used a little heat.....chipotle mayo maybe? Overall....although I found the food very good and well executed....but lacking one element in almost every dish. A bit of acid. A little spice. That said.....the eggs with maple bacon were great fun to start. The clam cakes were very nice. The lobster roll was good. I'm not a huge lobster fan, but my dining companion liked it a lot. Poutine was very nice....but not stellar. The wine list is limited...but there was a lovely Provencal rose that went well with all the dishes. Service was very good. Noise level a bit high. We also had the roasted mussels. Very nice. I'll definitely go back.