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Apr 23, 2013 11:47 AM

Best of Seattle -

Heading to Seattle at the end June for a couple of days & then driving down to Portland for a few more days. What are some of the best restaurants/bars/breweries/vineyards to check out in the Seattle area? Open to everything from a dive bar to high-end restaurants - we want to focus on locally sourced / regional cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Local 360 for locally sourced foods and booze.

    1. The three places I absolutely had to go when i went back for a visit a couple of weeks ago (I've moved away after having lived there for 2 years):

      The Walrus & the Carpenter: You'll see a lot of love for it here on the board, and the lines outside reflect its popularity. I think it lives up to the hype. Everything is very fresh. Preparations are frequently simple, letting the ingredients shine. I adore pretty much everything I've eaten there (been three times), with the exception of the artichoke salad, which was good but not great (it made a nice foil for the rich, sublime shrimp bisque, tho'). The menu changes often...unfortunately, the one they have online doesn't so don't get your heart set on anything you see there. It's a little pricey, and if you go at a prime time expect to have to wait. But totally worth it, in my opinion.

      Paseo: I think the #2 ("Caribbean Roast") is probably my favorite sandwich I've ever eaten, ever. There was an argument here recently about the bread being too crusty/tough to eat but y'know what? I've decided my stance on the bread is that I LOVE IT. I love everything about this sandwich. It is crusty and mayonnaise-y and porky and DELICIOUS. It is one of the things I miss most about Seattle (being a starving artist type, I could afford to eat these more often than I could eat at W & C).

      Montana: A dark, bustling and yes, hipster-ish bar on Capitol Hill that features wonderful, wonderful Rachel's Ginger Beer. Locally sourced, locally made, entirely delicious. Best Moscow Mules ever, as well as other interesting and tasty draft cocktails. It always baffles me when people settle for a beer here. RGB is also available at local farmers' markets as well as some restaurants/shops around town.

      1. You can do a search of the Seattle board for 'must visit's, 'best' , etc. and you will get lots of threads with the advice you seek! :)

        1. Lowells in the pike market is underwhelming and forgettable. for the best sushi(and expensive), Shiros. I really liked Brooklyn restaurant for seafood and they have great chowder. Also about 50.00/person for dinner.