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Apr 23, 2013 11:02 AM

Best ever salt & pepper shrimp at Wonder Cafe in Watertown

Although much of their business is take-out Chinese American, they have a few gems. Their salt and pepper shrimp is the best version I've ever had in the Boston area- including Peach Farm. Crispy, salty with tasty little fried bits of scallion, shallot and basil on top. Make sure you specify 'shell-on'.

They also make a very decent dry fried beef chow fun as well as good ginger/garlic chinese broccoli.

One thing I haven't cared for there was: Ma La Style Calamari. Kinda bland and no ma la detected...

But we just went this weekend to support local businesses that had to be closed on Friday and was reminded again how much I love those shrimp!

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  1. They do a mean clams in black bean sauce too.