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Apr 23, 2013 11:00 AM

Ceramic fryfan question

How good exactly are those Ceramic Non-Stick Coating fryfan? Is it better than those cancer inducing non-stick coating pan?

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  1. < Is it better than those cancer inducing non-stick coating pan?>

    No. Just get a carbon steel or cast iron pan if you don't like Teflon nonstick pans. I won't call them cancer-inducing though.

    1. Nonstick coatings do not induce cancer.

      1. There has never been a connection with Teflon and cancer. If you are determined to have a ceramic skillet I'd recommend the Henckels brand.

        1. I have a few of the ceramic pans just to try. Initially, they were awesome but at the 6-month mark they're just ok. Same as Teflon-based nonstick.

          Teflon, nonstick, PFOAs aren't known to cause cancer. They do have one big negative side effect which is at high heat temperatures they release fumes that may be more toxic to birds and small animals than to humans.

          I simply advise nonstick for any medium to low heat cooking. For high heat, stick with seasoned, uncoated carbon steel or cast iron.