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Apr 23, 2013 09:51 AM

Meet the parents

My boyfriends parents are coming in from London and will be meeting my parents. I need to find a nice spot for dinner 3 weeks out on a Friday. Nothing fancy but good food and place that you can be relaxed and carry on a conversation. My parents aren't adventurous on the food so more in the Italian / American restaurants. Thanks!

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      My parents met my husband's parents in Telepan. I think it is an excellent place for a meeting like this...of course, we eneded up spending $40 just on water..didn't realize how much water we ordered but everything else was great.

    2. Any particular part of Manhattan?
      I have to share this meet the parents story:
      Back in the day my new girlfriend Lynn and I met my parents in Chinatown at Lin's Garden. We all liked Lin's and I miss their Lin's Garden Chow Fon so much.
      I ordered the Cantonese crabs. While Lynn was eating a crab it broke apart and the claw hit my mother square in the forehead. OUCH!!
      My parents decided they didn't like Lynn.
      After 42 years Lynn and I are still close friends.
      My parents don't talk to me much.
      Thanks for letting me share.

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        I will be sure to avoid any crab on this meeting!

        Open to locations in manhattan. Probably somewhere more west side preferred but could be from west village to upper west side.

      2. Union Square Cafe

        1. It would help a lot if you could provide a price range. Food only, before tax and tip, as drinks can make it vary a lot. Exactly what does "nothing fancy" mean to you? A couple of suggestions already posted here (e.g. Ai Fiori) would be considered "fancy" by just about everyone. If you want casual and inexpensive, but with very tasty food, look into Da Andrea.

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            Ai fiori I have been to and definitely agree it is too fancy. Just want to feel relaxed in the environment. Price range could be 40-80. I don't want to go very pricey and end up in a place that isn't relaxing. But was hoping to still get some very good food.

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              I've done this sort of thing at Keens before. The Porterhouse for two is 96.50 but it actually has enough to feed three people. It's nice but not too fancy. And the history is pretty interesting.

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                I agree. Keens is a great idea, and it's not too noisy so it is conducive to conversation.

          2. Maialino springs to mind - its not "fancy" but its still nice. It feels like a really good neighborhood spot, but is definitely a cut above. I know there have been some recent posts with less than glowing opinions, but we've had awesome food and great service every time.