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Apr 23, 2013 09:39 AM

La Sorrentina, No. Bergen-- Review

I'm not a huge fan of Ital-American restos, but we were meeting a friend in this area and they wanted to go to this place. Casual but attractive, kitchen is right out in the open area in front of the pizza oven.

Very busy, 2/3 full on a Monday evening. The best dish here is the mussels, we got them, and I saw many plates of mussels being brought out to other tables. Great stuff! A huge portion, in a terrific tomato-white wine-garlic sauce. Actually memorable. Also had the fish of the day, fresh striped bass in a wonderful cherry tomato sauce. A pasta order was cooked perfectly, with a terrific sauce, just enough, not loaded on the dish like most IAs do. . Caesar salad was very very good, not too much dressing, not too much cheese, just right. Very big portions of everything, we shared and took home. (We finished all the mussels, lol!)

This is a way-above-average IA place. If it weren't 40 minutes away from me, I would be there regularly. Even the small pizzas they turn out (and do a big take out biz with) looked excellent, super thin crust. Prices are quite moderate, about 30% lower than most of the places of this ilk in Bergen County.

If you are in this area, I highly recommend La Sorrentina. And make sure to order the mussels! (Cozze).

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  1. Thanks for the review. We also will be meeting some friends and will be up that way and was wondering if we should try Di Palma Bros., but, now after your posting and looking online about La Sorrentina they sound great and I will definitely suggest eating there.

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      fyi, i hadn't been to dipalma bros. for a few years but always liked it. i went a few weeks ago and everything was between just ok to not so good. very disappointing. so please try la sorrentina and let us know! and i guess you should try the mussels

    2. Be sure to get the mussels! :)