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Apr 23, 2013 09:02 AM

would really appreciate some restaurant suggestions

I am visiting San Diego with my two junior high age children and could use some restaurant suggestions. We are staying in the Mission Beach area. I have one picky eater, one who will eat anything, so I am hoping to make them both happy! I thought maybe a really good pizza would be nice, and a good relatively inexpensive seafood experience. Also, we are celebrating a birthday - can anyone suggest a local bakery?

thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Given the size of SD, I'm trying to make recs closer to where you're staying.

    Fish Tacos are a must when visiting SD. The best are at Oscars Mexican Seafood just a few miles up from where you're staying. That's probably the least expensive and best seafood experience you can get. The also have steak for the picky kid.

    The best pizza isn't aroud the mission area, but I'm sure they're good enough. Ciro and Woodstock (both have multiple locations) are nearby in Pacific Beach

    Mission Cafe for brunch - often recommended
    or Rubicon Deli for really great Sandwiches.

    If you're going to the Zoo you could make a reservation at Urban Solace after.

    Dinner at Georges on The Cove would be a nice birthday/tourist/seafood dinner. It's a destination spot in San Diego, and the La Jolla cove is definitely worth visiting while you're here.

    Sugar and Scribe Bakery in PB might be able to do something for a birthday..but they don't do Birthday cakes. I know it's a chain, but if all else fails there is a Coldstone on Mission Blvd..not a bad back-up.

    1. Pizza port in OB pleases my kids!

      1. thank you for the suggestions!

        1. Point Loma Seafood (2805 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106) has a nice setting on the water near the sportfishing boats, the seafood is impeccably fresh, and the prices are fair. The scallop plate and the Crab Louis Salad are quite good as are the fish and chips. Go to: for a look at their menu.

          1. If it's not too out of the way from you are staying .. Mr. Frostie in PB.