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Apr 23, 2013 08:58 AM

Restaurant -- Park Cities area

Going to be in Dallas for a wedding next week and needed a recommendation for a fine dining restaurant in the Park Cities area.

Thursday is our only free day and will be going with my 22 year old cousin so I'm not sure how adventerous she is. Price isn't an object -- just want it to be excellent.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Marquee Grill
    Category: Traditional American

    Spoon Bar & Kitchen
    Category: Seafood

    Cafe Pacific
    Category: Seafood

    Category: French

    Bistro 31
    Category: New American

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      Love Bijoux ...

      What's happening at Marquee these days now that Tre Wilcox is gone? I think last time I looked at the menu was right before he left, thinking about going one last time, and every interesting item had been removed ...

      1. re: foiegras

        Andre Natera is the new chef at Marquee. He's said to be quite good... I've only had his food once (when he was at the Pyramid) and it was solid. I saw a recent review of Marquee somewhere, though, and it wasn't all that positive... so maybe he needs some time to get up to speed.

        1. re: gavlist

          Thanks for the news ... interested to hear anyone's recent experiences there.

          Forgot to mention that at Bijoux you can request items from the chef's menus and if the ingredients are available, you will get them.

      2. re: Scagnetti

        Spoon and Bijoux are head and shoulders the best restaurants listed Thus far. I'd give Bijoux the nod on quality of the food, Spoon on the novelty of the preparation. I also am very fond of Nona. Maybe not quite in Bijoux/Spoon territory, but close and a bit less formal.

        You might also consider Neighborhood Services. Solid quality food in a neighborhood joint sort of setting. A bit noisier than the other three, however.

      3. Nonna, Spoon, or Marquee. Nonna for Italian (real Italian), Spoon for amazing seafood. Marquee for American and fancy people.