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ISO Excellent Non-Vegetarian Indian Within 25 miles of Boston

I live in Metrowest and am willing to drive at least 25 miles for really good Indian food. I'm also perfectly happy to go into Boston or Cambridge. Location isn't as important as the quality of the food. I'd like a restaurant that's not vegetarian. A place that serves dosas would be huge plus.

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  1. Always liked Punjab in Arlington, and Kashish over in Belmont does a good job. Shanti on Dot Ave got best of Boston for 2012, but never tried it..

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      Can't speak for the Shanti in Dot, but the location in Roslindale is very good....absolutely love it

    2. Biryani Park in Malden comes highly recommended and serves dosas I have heard numerous people describe as the best they've ever had.

      A bit further afield in Burlington is Ritu Ki Rasoi -- also excellent.

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        Ritu Ki Rasio is a vegetarian place, fyi..

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          I've heard good things about Ritu Ki Rasoi but it's vegetarian and my DC likes to have a chicken or lamb option.

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            Huh. We basically always do Indian vegetarian, so I had never even noticed. My bad.

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            2nd Biryani Park, plenty of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes.

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              Biryani Park is now take out only (just called and tried to make reservations...)

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                Wait, I'm confused. I thought Biryani Park was closed. They're open for take out now?

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                  I called to make reservations.

                  Was told that they would only do takeout unless I had at least 10 people...


          3. Ditto on great flavors at Punjab, but not sure it's a destination (a nice local option - we choose it most of the time for Indian in spite of the issues that follow - takeaway mitigates the service concerns) - the dosas are not as good as much of the other food there - the breads are fresh and delicious - the service can be inattentive with very limited energy and enthusiasm on most visits ("we don't really care that you are here, but since you are, we will eventually take your order and bring you some tasty food") - as you might anticipate, the cocktails are large, lukewarm, often unbalanced fruity / sweet disappointments

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              I've been to Punjab several times and each time, at least one of the items I ordered didn't make it to the table. Have you had this experience with takeaway? I liked the food at Punjab but the poor service and noise level has kept me from going back.

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                Takeaway has always been timely and issue-free -nothing forgotten so far (nor during seated table service) - it's really thevibe of the waitstaff that gets to me - they seem to congregate on the periphery, backs turned to the room, and spending a lot of time chatting with each other, even when there are tables awaiting their help. It is also really noisy when full, and not in an energetic, buzzing kind of way that's appealing.

            2. Not sure where you are in Metrowest, but I think we have better Indian food in the suburbs than downtown Boston. In particular, there are many in Shrewsbury which has a fairly large Indian population.

              Not quite so far west, Minerva in Natick is very good. I like Khatta Mitta in Westborough. Mayuri, also in Westborough, is decent and makes dosas. I can't say if they are good, as I've only ever had them once. But I liked them.

              1. I am a fan of the Pakistani, meat oriented DARBAR

                130 North Beacon Street, 02135-2020 Brighton, 617-779-8800, www.darbarrestaurant.net

                In addition to chicken and beef they often have goat and lamb. Some of their dishes are almost as good as some of my favorites restos in London.

                Advantages, quiet, not crowded, parking is available in the area. Inexpensive.

                Disadvantages; no liquor license. It is a halal Muslim-oriented restaurant. The dining room can be cold. The service is inconsistent.

                1. Biryani Park would be my first choice. Excellent dosai, terrific chicken 65, and great biryani, in addition to the really interesting Sri Lankan dishes.

                  Darbar in Allston is Pakistani and has lots of meat dishes.

                  Finally, Tamarind Bay is expensive, but also excellent.

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                    Biryani Park now has a food truck in Boston.

                    It is not appearing on the City's site but it is on Hub Food Trucks list. http://hubfoodtrucks.com/

                    There it is scheduled: at the Navy Yard on Monday, Christian Science Center Fountain on Belvidere Street on Thursday, Kirby and Milk Street on Wednesday, Northeastern Opera Place on Saturday for Lunch.

                    Also Belvidere on, Tuesday and Friday for dinner.

                    I'll be working my way through the menu.


                  2. I like The Pongal, in Billerica on rt 3A, near the Burlington line. Dosas are available, and also an automatic part of the lunch buffet. They opened a second Pongal somewhere in Framingham or Sudbury.

                    I also like Khushboo in Lexington (great onion naan), India Palace in Chelmsford (or maybe Littleton, on 110), and Madras Grill in Chelmsford center.

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                      Tried The Pongal in Billerica last month and wasn't impressed. I had the tandoori mixed grill which I thought was pretty badly overcooked which I didn't expect since it should have been freshly cooked. We also tried the goat masala and it was just ok.

                      My favorite is India Quality in Kenmore Square.

                    2. Not a fan of Kashish in Belmont or Punjab in Arlington, both IMHO bland American standard Indian Fair.

                      I have on my regular rotation now, weekly, the food court at Waltham India in Waltham. It is the Kebab and Tandoor folks.

                      LOVE their food.

                      Kabab and Tandoor, Waltham, Ma.
                      315 Moody St Waltham, MA 02453
                      (781) 899-0022

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                        I am on Striper's bus as far as Punjab being meh.I also found Pongal and Darbar (and Diva in Davis Sq.) mediocre. Biryani Park is very good wth many unusual dishes but it would be a real hike for you because it is northeast of Boston.

                        We haven't gone for awhile but we have been 15+ yr. fans of Tanjore in Harvard Square. Their dosas and uttapum are excellent as are most of their dishes. We've never made it over to Tamarind Bay but it has had many longtime CH fans.

                        (just fyi, there have been many vegetarian [Southern Indian] restnts in the Framingham area over the yrs.)Dosas are originally Southern Indian but most Indian restnts here serve them now.

                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                          We started going to Tanjore about 13 years ago and were quite distressed when it went downhill. We were such big fans of the restaurant that we tried it several times after our first disappointing meal before we finally gave up on the place.

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                            uh oh. maybe we should both try Tamarind Bay now.

                            fwiw, over the years the husband and the wife have each managed different restnts that they own.(remember Rangoli in Brighton?) Well, i believe Strip T's' second location is going to be in a space currently managed by the husband- (to be vacated.)

                      2. I have really liked Singh's in Wellesley. Their kebabs in particular are great, they have a very unique smokey flavor. I have really liked the rest of their offerings as well.

                        I would second Biryani Park - the goat biryani is just amazing, as are the ginormous dosas.

                        1. Paani in Sudbury is my favorite Indian in the Boston area- I like it much better than anything I've found in Boston or Cambridge proper. Singh's in Wellesley is good, but not head and shoulders above other options. Waltham Food court is cheap and tasty, although the dishes are pre-prepared and depending when you get them, may have been sitting around a while.

                          1. We like Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury...service can be a little slow, but it's a nice room and the food is yummy! Not sure where you are in Metrowest, but it's an easy drive from Needham.

                            1. Is Lowell too far?

                              Priya on Drum Hill Road has a full selection of dosas, and many other regional dishes beyond the standard Mughal offerings.


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                                I still love India Quality. Been there forever and, though I confess I haven't been in six months, it has been good every time I've gone.

                              2. Passage to India in Salem is very good and consistent.

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                                  I'm not sure that Velda Mae is interested, as this thread is almost a year old, but Royal India Bistro, which opened in Lexington, is better than Kushboo, which is closing ,I think.