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Apr 23, 2013 04:28 AM

Southold, NY-North Fork 2013

Living in Southold part-time for six years now. There are some very special places with very good food; let's discuss!
Jeni's Main Street Grill- breakfast all day, lunch too. Like eating at home, if you were a CIA trained chef. The best poached eggs EVER, corned beef hash from scratch, pancake specials that change daily, homemade soups, and a waitress who knows all the locals and has their coffee ready when she see their car pull up! Crayons and coloring books always at the ready for the little ones. Excellent fresh biscuits and baked goods too.

Founder's Tavern- a neighborhood pub with much-better-than-average food. Be sure to check the specials and get their chowder if it's offered. Excellent burgers, great chili and greaseless fried fish and shrimp are always on the menu, and homemade potato chips are even better than the fries.

Eric's- takeout or eat-in for breakfast and lunch. The outdoor deck is heated when it is chilly. Truly amazing food: fresh salads prepared with care, homemade soups and daily specials that might feature BBQ ribs, fresh chicken burritos, pot roast, chicken stir fry, or roast turkey. Very good muffins, cupcakes with inch thick frosting and scones too. If it is early and not too crowed ask Eric if they can make you an 'Awesome'- their secret egg sandwich.

Michaelaneglo's- their newest branch opened last year in Southold. Very good NYC slice style pizza with an attached, updated dining room featuring all the red sauce dishes you would expect prepared with care. Love their eggplant parm and classic meatballs and spaghetti. Check their specials board for local fish.

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  1. We have not been to Michaelangelo's in Southold but your other three recs are excellent.
    We love getting breakfast at Jeni's.
    When we feel like taking the ride we head out to Bruce's Cheese Emporium and Cafe in Greenport for breakfast. Best bacon I have ever had!!!

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      Have to try Bruce' bacon is a powerful endorsement, thank you!

    2. How does the Southold Michalangelo's (the old Pagano's, right?) compare with the one in Cutchogue? My wife and daughter are fans, but I've never been all that thrilled.

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        The Southold dining room is certainly much nicer....and quieter!.....than the Cutchogue location. The food is about the same, but we do miss the staff in Cutchogue. However, since we can walk home from the new location, sharing a bottle of wine for two or taking good advantage of the full bar is now possible :)

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          For me its the opposite, since my place is in Cutchogue. Most of the time we are without a car. For a while, Michelangelo's was all we could do for dinner out. The time when both the Fisherman's Rest and the Farmer's Bar were closed...even the diner would be closed by dinner time. I like their Italian food better than their pizza...but with Touch of Venice in Cutchogue now, there is no comparison.

          1. re: EricMM

            Thanks all. We're going to be in Cutchogue for a week starting the 16th and this thread has given me some ideas in addition to getting friends in Orient to cook for us, getting to N.Fork Table & Inn (a favorite of ours since Mike M. skipped out of Hearth to open it) & drinking our dinners at many wineries.

            1. re: Steve R

              On your way our try Liv vodka and single malt distillery in Baiting Hollow. Fun and unique!!

              1. re: Steve R

                Please don't miss Touch of Venice! You won't regret it....and know that the menu online is their basic/always menu but they run specials that last a week or more and in addition they sometimes have additional specials to that menu. My husband can't seem to pass up their veal parmesan but I almost always opt for whatever fish they have that day. for an Italian restaurant they are not your typical Long island red sauce place. The descriptions on the menu don't do justice to what you are actually served as opposed to some places that have flowery descriptions that don't live up to your expectations in the end. TOV is a TRUE family operation, almost impossible to find someone there who isn't related or a friend of the family. It is also the only place I have ever seen where they actually CLEAN their menus daily, which are a major source of germs (I know, call me crazy, but think about it...). I could go on and on but i won't, just GO. We probably have been there at least a hundred times and they have not missed a step yet. And their app of veal-ricotta meatballs over fresh baby spinach topped with a lemon garlic sauce is awesome :-)
                The rest of your plans sound perfect, enjoy!!!
                OH, btw, in case you don't know, Sherwood House has a (relatively) new tasting room in Jamesport on the Main Rd. that is incredible, you should try to make it there (old classic North Fork home, huge old trees to sit under outside) - their wines are good, too. and Croteaux's garden (Southold) makes you feel like you just were transported to the South of France.

                1. re: nofolady

                  Sounds like TOV will be our dinner place one night as well. Several years ago, when we were out there and sampling some wines at Shinn, we discovered Sherwood House's vineyard right around the corner and spent a really nice afternoon at the outdoor picnic tables, talking and sampling. In preparation for our upcoming week, I googled them & noticed their newish space - it's on our list. And now I'll add Croteaux as well. Thanks. (btw - feel free to keep on recommending &, if you wish, my e-mail for direct contact is on my CH home page).

                  1. re: Steve R

                    I can't imagine that you'd be disappointed with TOV and I'd love to hear how it goes. Re: Shinn and Sherwood; our daughter is a writer and also has a well-known Brooklyn blog and several years ago she did a NoFo article for Travel and Leisure, stayed at Shinn, we did the vineyard walk with her, and the owners of Sherwood opened their home for a tasting - lovely people, great wines. The new tasting room is connected to a place called Material Objects, very unique, do take a look if they are open!
                    I'd love to share more, we have been coming out here for many years and have lived here full time since '06 after moving from Melville/Dix Hills (retired now, woo hoo!), but I am new to posting here and have no idea how to find how to reach you after looking at your profile here. If you can tell me how, or find me, I'm game! I love sharing the secrets I know about places out here - well, not so many secrets but some good pointers coming from someone who was in the restaurant biz in NYC and Florida for 20 years who knows good food. We are total foodies and our daughter is too; she just signed on to be project manager for the new website of a very well known food network chef.
                    Sorry I couldn't figure out how to contact you but I hope you have a wonderful visit - this is truly Heaven on Earth out here, IMHO.

                    1. re: nofolady

                      When on my CH profile, on the right hand side, you'll see "real name" as one of the standard questions -- I used this to put my e-mail address. There are some other long time CH users who have done the same. At any rate, my e-mail is -- let's see if that stays up.

                      1. re: Steve R

                        Gotcha! Now I see it, duh. Sending an email in a few, will put nofolady in the subject line.

        2. Sorry I can't seem to delete this, it's about Mattituck,not Southold.

          After years of procrastinating, we just tried Tony's Fusion last week, across from Magic Fountain. Loved the endless choices of Chinese, Japanese (including tons of sushi) and Thai. Service was impeccable. I took a take out menu, will be a great place this summer to grab and go on the way home from a ride out to Orient.

          1. All the places listed so far are great IMHO, but since this post is about Southold there are several places that have not been mentioned yet...Bonnie Jean's is also good for breakfasts as well as lunches, haven't tried dinner but have heard good things and it's family-friendly; A Lure has been mentioned in other posts but still should be included here; North Fork Table and Inn has to be included - yes, it is expensive but arguably one of the best restaurants on either fork and the only one I know of that people from the South Fork make a special trip to, with a Zagat rating of 29/30 (= Extraordinary to perfection) it is just exceptional. Elbow East isn't my favorite Elbow but should be mentioned here. And I guess O'Malley's should get a mention just because it's there, even though it is currently for sale.

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              Tried Bonnie Jean's for dinner- Thursday was fried chicken night with live Dixieland music! The food was wonderful, as was the music. The service was friendly but disorganized.

              1. re: TBN

                Bonnie Jean's has decent food and we love the live music. We'll go there for an ice cream sundae and the music sometimes.
                Bonnie Jean's has good standard breakfast but we prefer Jeni's Main St Café for a more creative morning meal.