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Apr 23, 2013 02:13 AM

Maui and Big Island - where do folks get their fish?

Hi everyone -

Traveling to Lahaina and Kona (a little upcountry) next week and we are staying in a couple of vrbo-style places so would like to get my hands on some fresh locally caught fish, for a little home cooking.

Would love the inside dope on the best places to find fish - I think I have read that the supermarkets do a pretty good job, but if anyone knows about that little place that sells fish at 5 a.m. down by the water kind of place, I am fully committed to getting up that early to get there.

To that end, any truly local, non-touristy holes in the wall for prepared foods also much appreciated.


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  1. Edit: I see the recent thread below on Maui which is great - Http:// - guess I am looking to expand on that even more - where is the place by mile marker xxxx which has xxxx that only their colleagues know about...

    1. If by "a little upcountry" Kona you mean near-ish to Kawaihae then you will want Da Fish Shack. Quite close to the harbor (on 270 toward Hawi). Food is fresh, fresh and the people are friendly. I think they also smoke their own tuna that they sell at the shack (but I'm not positive--I only know they smoke their own for home).

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        Cool thanks for the rec. Is that different than or affiliated with Da Poke Shack?

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          I have no idea. I've never been to Da Poke Shack. Is that in Kailua Kona? We usually don't venture into town much as we stay in the Kohala Coast area.

          Have a wonderul trip!! Mmmmm.....all of that lovely fresh fish. So delicous!