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Apr 22, 2013 11:35 PM

Baja Fresh Vs Chiptole, a strange tale

It always puzzle me that how come Baja Fresh can't compete with Chiptole, specially it is Baja Fresh that made the hot and fresh burrito out of the grill while Chiptole is just hot water warmed meat. There are not much difference between the price if u consider the monthly baja fresh coupon. My logic is: Better food= more customer.

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  1. I'm confused... every Chipotle I've been to, the meat is cooked on the grill/griddle right behind where they serve it... they cut it right next to the griddle then put it out to serve... no hot water involved?

    1. Marketing and business strategy maybe? Keep in mind that Chipotle has the backing of McDonald's so they may have had more capital to grow.

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        I thought that McDonald's divested their Chipotle holdings back in 2006?

      2. I mean as in the meat are grill and then move to steam table to keep warm.

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          And replenished very frequently. They may not be the greatest assembled product, but they do focus on freshness and quality of what goes inside.

        2. Chipotle also appeals to the unique market that wants organic food, meat with no hormones/antibiotics, locally sourced when possible, etc.

          I also see them fresh cooking Chipotle meat in the background when I go.

          1. Size of the burritos.

            Chipotle > Baja Fresh = Chipotle more popular.