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Apr 22, 2013 10:42 PM

Flour & Co - NEW Bakery, SF - any reports?

Haven't seen any reports yet for Flour & Co, a new bakery in the Nob Hill area near Trader Joe's. What's good there?

Flour & Co
1030 Hyde St, SF

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  1. I've had the below and listed them in order of favorites.
    - cold-brewed, bottled Stumptown coffee
    - lemon bars
    - biscuits and gravy (twice)
    - pretzel bread sandwich with bacon, manchego and apricot jam (twice)
    - gluten-free breakfast sandwich with bacon, cheese, and egg (twice)
    - gluten-free coffee cake
    - bread pudding
    - savory oatmeal

    The lemon bars were a perfect balance of sweet and tart. The crust crumbled just enough yet didn't fall apart. The bars were baked all the way through (not gummy like a lot of lemon bars) but still moist.

    The biscuits and gravy dish is a nice change of pace because it's a mushroom gravy. I love a good meat gravy, but I feel less guilty somehow because of the lack of meat. Served on two heavenly biscuits, it fills you up without having to wear "yer eatin' pants."

    I can't adequately describe why I like the pretzel bread sandwich so much. Maybe because it's salty and sweet without being a bacon donut or a salted-caramel-something.

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      Here is what I've had from Flour & Co.:

      - breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese (regular, not gluten-free)
      - plain yogurt with fruit (strawberry) compote and granola
      - lemon bar
      - peanut butter cookie (gluten free)
      - molasses cookie (gluten free)
      - chocolate-peanut butter cake
      - brown butter banana bread

      It is all seriously fantastic. The banana bread was the best I've ever had. I took my kid there last week to have breakfast. She's never, ever agreed to eat plain yogurt in the past, but we both loved it with the fruit compote. The chocolate-peanut butter cake is to die for.

      We are really looking forward to biscuits & gravy next time, and I really want that pretzel sandwich!

      Having breakfast in their little dining room was lovely and very relaxing--good music playing, nicely decorated. The place is a total winner.

      1. re: Atomica

        We tried a couple of items on our recent visit, both yummy. Wish I had seen they had savoury oatmeal before I ordered though -- want to try that for sure next time. That'll teach me to get distracted by the pastries and not read the menu!

    2. Everything looks good, especially these housemade pretzels with rare roast beef. I tried a savory item: sandwich on ciabatta with Italian meat and cheese. It was fine but nothing to honk your horn over.

      1. Went today for breakfast on the way to a conference downtown. Loved the sunny space and welcoming service--it felt like they immediately embraced and were the embraced by the neighborhood (or maybe I just felt that way because I saw some familiar faces there.)

        I got a brownie for later, and it hit the spot--nice meeting point between fudgey and cakey, held its shape and didn't fall apart when I pried it from the wrapper later in the day.

        For breakfast, I was curious about the GF breakfast sandwich. I asked the clerk about it, and she said "Have you ever had the breakfast sandwich from Starbucks? Imagine that, but perfect, as if you made it at home from the best ingredients." It was really good--fluffy, slightly elastic eggs and a crown of crisp bacon. The GF part was sort of like an English muffin in shape, but didn't have the texture of a muffin--the flavor was slightly nutty (I didn't ask about the grain, not sure what that was). I didn't have the non-GF breakfast sandwich to compare it to (they do serve one) but this seems like a solid option if you must avoid gluten. For a non-GF bakery, I was surprised by how many options they had--1/3 of the case--and was attracted to the coffee cake, which the clerk said was made with (stumptown) coffee.

        A friend was there eating a bowl of bread pudding that looked divine.

        1. I stopped in while on a Labyrinth crawl today. There were lots of little sandwiches that looked good that I'd like to try in the future.

          Salami and manchego pop-tart things were great. Good ratio of meat to cheese, they toasted them to crispy it up, and I liked the dough. I might choose another filling next time--- I liked the flavor a lot and it went well with the cheese, but salami slices seems too firm for a crispy pastry crust.

          Samples of pineapple upside down cake used fresh pineapple and tasted really good. It's served as small individual cakes rather than slices.

          The pretzel isn't really a pretzel. It's more like a pretzel shaped challah-like bread with lots of dark brown eggwash, and topped with chunky salt. I could imagine this working well as part of a sandwich, but by itself it's not something I would get again.

          For tourists interested in Swan's Oyster Co, I'd recommend stopping here after visiting Grace Cathedral to pick up some provisions to eat while standing in line at Swan's.

          1. Stopped in for a hot cross bun this morning. Can't really recommend it, but I'm happy to find these reports about the pretzel bread sandwich and the GF English muffin disk-looking breakfast sandwiches that I want to try next.


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              Just back Monday from a short trip in which I made it to Flour and Co twice. The pretzel bun was nothing special (except for the ham which was lovely). It was the savoury toasty tart that drew me back. They stuff it with a sorta reubeny filling of fine sauerkraut and corned beef, plus a tangy dressing. Really outstanding when warmed up in their special toaster oven thingy, and damn fine at room temp while awaiting my flight home at SFO. The pastry though made with butter was very "short" and light, crispy and rather perfect.