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Nice place near Broadway and Canal?

I'm looking for a place to eat dinner on Friday for a party of 6 or 7 after a concert at the Flea Theater, 2 blocks south of Broadway and Canal. Celebratory mood, (my 2 brothers' birthdays, my premiere) but not crushingly expensive. Our party includes a well behaved 7 year old and my 83 year old retired chef mom. Nice to not have to go more than a few blocks, any kind of food - we all love to eat. It won't be late - probably 8:30, so it would be nice to be able to sit a while.

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  1. l am a big fan of Pepolino on W Broadway, 40 feet south of Canal. Their farrato and inzimino are worth the trip alone.

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      I second Pepolino, it's a very comfortable place with excellent food and not overly expensive. I'll also second Cercle Rouge but the food is better at Pepolino. I'd recommend Jungsik but it will be around 80 pp and it is probably too far ( about 12 blocks).

      1. Macao trading co.
        Great ambience, good food and a different cuisine (Portuguese-Asian)...

          1. Papatzul would work. It's about a 5 or 6 minute walk from the intersection of Broadway and Canal.

            They serve nicely prepared Mexican food in an upscale (but not stuffy) atmosphere. Prices are on the low end of moderate.

            I just checked Opentable. This coming Friday they can seat a party of 6 at 9:00PM. (Wherever you decide to go you should *definitely* make a reservation.)

            55 Grand
            (212) 274-8225


            1. A few places I'm seeing with openings from 8:30 - 9:30 within walking distance:

              Xe Lua (never knew they took reservations before... one of the better Vietnamese places in Chinatown)
              David Burke Kitchen
              Pera SoHo

              Slightly further (maybe a 10 - 15 minute walk) -
              Blaue Gans

              Also, any number of Chinatown places you might be able to call in a reservation - they won't be on Opentable, though.

              1. Thanks all. I was thinking Blaue Gans, Macao Trading Co. myself. Many good suggestions here. But the family is leaning towards Odeon. Anyone been there lately? I remember it always seeming slightly too expensive, slightly too trendy back in the day. Now it just sounds like a fun nostalgia trip.

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                  'remember it always seeming slightly too expensive, slightly too trendy back in the day. '

                  was there about 6 weeks ago, still exactly as you described.
                  Four of us had burgers and some drinks, tab was $ 300 before tip. Place was packed and fun though.

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                    I agree, Odeon is always a little too expensive for what it is, the food is good but not mind blowing... I wouldn't think twice to go to Macao or David Burke Kitchen instead..

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                      The OP may want to check David Burke's menu beforehand. He said he didn't want anything "crushingly expensive." Burke's place seems pricey. Starters average $17 and mains $32.


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                    Forgot about Macao - good option, for sure. Probably be a madhouse on a Saturday night.

                    I think Odeon's glory days are well behind them. It's the kind of place where if I lived in the neighborhood and didn't feel like cooking one night I might pop into, but certainly nothing I'd make a trip for. I don't really think of it as trendy anymore, more reaching "old warhorse" status but without the uber-uber-cool cache of their former sisters, Balthazar and Pastis. I'm sure it's a packed house on the weekends, though.

                    But I'll admit, I haven't eaten there in a few years at least. Lynn Wagenknecht (did I spell that right?) the owner recently brought new life to Cafe Cluny by bringing in a new chef, so maybe things could be changing at Odeon as well. That said, if I'm in that neighborhood, Landmarc was always a solid "family" place (if also not terribly creative) at basically the same price point, though I haven't been there in some time either. And for slightly more (maybe $5-$10 pp) there's Marc Forgione, which is pretty great and much "cheffier" though probably booked solid for Saturday already. But we're definitely edging into "expensive" (if not quite "crushingly" so) now...

                  3. Someone at the Flea also suggested Souths for good burgers - anyone familiar with the place?

                    1. I was just going to mention Odeon.

                      When we were there in december, there were quite a few family groups that seemed to be having a very nice time.

                      We had cocktails and a few appetizers. What we had was very good.

                        1. We wound up going to Odeon - a fun choice made by my birthday brother, who went there way back when. Service was excellent, my pea soup was excellent, as was a cod dish and the side of asparagus. The hamburger was far less exciting, and my mussels were tasty but sandy. It was lively and noisy but not deafening. Frisee salad was good, as was the side of wild mushrooms. I wouldn't rush back for the food, but it was a good option for a last minute Friday night reservation, pleasant largely thanks to the company and the attentive, professional staff.
                          (PS Bob Martinez OP is a she, not a he.)

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                            I'm glad you had a good meal and apologies about the gender confusion. Those gender neutral screen names have a way of doing that.

                          2. Walker's restaurant is an only in New York type tavern restaurant on Moore St. between Hudson & Varrick. Virtually everything on the menu is good. They have what in my opinion is the best hamburger and roast chicken to be found in New York. The clientele includes everybody from families to single yuppies. The service is excellent. Of equal importance perhaps is that the prices are extremely reasonable.