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Apr 22, 2013 10:06 PM

Nice place near Broadway and Canal?

I'm looking for a place to eat dinner on Friday for a party of 6 or 7 after a concert at the Flea Theater, 2 blocks south of Broadway and Canal. Celebratory mood, (my 2 brothers' birthdays, my premiere) but not crushingly expensive. Our party includes a well behaved 7 year old and my 83 year old retired chef mom. Nice to not have to go more than a few blocks, any kind of food - we all love to eat. It won't be late - probably 8:30, so it would be nice to be able to sit a while.

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  1. l am a big fan of Pepolino on W Broadway, 40 feet south of Canal. Their farrato and inzimino are worth the trip alone.

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      I second Pepolino, it's a very comfortable place with excellent food and not overly expensive. I'll also second Cercle Rouge but the food is better at Pepolino. I'd recommend Jungsik but it will be around 80 pp and it is probably too far ( about 12 blocks).

      1. Macao trading co.
        Great ambience, good food and a different cuisine (Portuguese-Asian)...

          1. Papatzul would work. It's about a 5 or 6 minute walk from the intersection of Broadway and Canal.

            They serve nicely prepared Mexican food in an upscale (but not stuffy) atmosphere. Prices are on the low end of moderate.

            I just checked Opentable. This coming Friday they can seat a party of 6 at 9:00PM. (Wherever you decide to go you should *definitely* make a reservation.)

            55 Grand
            (212) 274-8225