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Apr 22, 2013 09:46 PM

Eating near Moscone Center - 2013 [San Francisco]

I recently attended a conference at Moscone and took full advantage of the lists people have compiled in the past - I thought it would be worth it to start a 2013 thread.

In the Westfield Shopping Center:

M.Y. China - tried the wild boar scissor noodles, which I enjoyed because I love carbs. However, if I am to be truly critical, they were a bit sweet and soft for my taste. Decent wok char though.

Cupola - a plate-sized piadina was a satisfying and quick meal. It was quieter and more restful than M.Y. China - I will probably go back here in the future.

In SOMA, within a few blocks of Moscone:

Ruchi - I had the veg thali - it had a pretty good paneer tikka masala, plus rasam, sambar, buttermilk, rice, naan, pickle, and sweet vermicelli dessert. Saravana Bhavan it is not, but it was a nice break from all the Italian food I was eating that week.

Zero Zero - they have a great weekend brunch menu, and very few people at lunchtime on Saturday - I had some very good arancini, followed by biscuits and prosciutto gravy. The biscuits are outstanding.

54 Mint - I had a mediocre Roman-style artichoke (too tough and stringy, and I didn't love the soggy breadcrumbs), and a fantastic spaghetti carbonara. Their guanciale is insanely good - it's fried to the texture of chicharrones, with a crunch and meltaway like Cheetos. I will definitely return for this dish alone.

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  1. I recommend the BBQ ribs at Oola. Tender/fatty/flavorful inside, crispy charred outside. Plus, they are on the happy hour menu (Mon-Thu 5-7 PM, Fri 4-7 PM).

    1. Next time you might want to try Bluestem Brasserie, just up the alley from Moscone towards Market. We really enjoyed lunch there, and my fellow foodie brother went for dinner and loved it.

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        Oh, excellent. I forgot to mention, also - a friend of mine highly recommended Darwin Cafe (212 Ritch Street) but I got sidetracked by Ruchi and never made it.

      2. At 6th and Market there's Pearl's Burger and Taqueria Cancun.

        1. Concur with Bluestem (, fantastic food, great drinks. The Duck Confit salad had TONS of duck and the duck fat potatoes were to die for! Ask for Reid at the bar, dude knows how to make a cocktail. Chicago experience really comes through.

          Great spot near Moscone. Here for a conference, area has always been dead for good food until now.

          Thanks to the OP for updating the thread.