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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 6

chefhound Apr 22, 2013 09:35 PM

The episode starts off with Caity giving Geoff a hard time because he's sad that Daniel went home. Boy, she's cold. Why can't he be sad that a friend is gone?

Quickfire: It's an auction and the chefs must bid for the ingredients and determine the selling price. Each chef has $50 to spend. And Shereen is the auctioneer and guest judge. She will determine if the dish tastes good but she will also determine if the dish is priced correctly.

On the top: Danny and Dennis.
On the bottom: Chris C., Jonathan, and Becky (and she is pissed!)
And the winner is Danny. He gets immunity and is put in charge of the kitchen for the Elimination.

Elimination: The chefs have to work in teams of two to prepare a 5-course tasting menu for Lisa Ray's surprise engagement shower. The have to draw knives and prepare a dish from places that have special significance to Lisa.

Dennis and Rory get Milan. Matthew and Geoff get Mumbai. Chris S. and Jonathan select Vancouver. Caity and Becky choose Napa. Nicole and Chris C. choose Paris. Danny is in charge of the amuse-bouche and the entire kitchen.

Danny determines who does which course. Andrea Nicholson from Season 1 is the guest judge.

The twist: when the cooking is underway, the chefs are told that there are 4 vegetarians, 1 gluten-intolerant and 1 shellfish allergy. The chefs have to adapt quickly to deal with the restrictions.

On the top: Matthew and Geoff, and Danny.
On the bottom: Caity/Becky and Nicole/Chris C.

Matthew and Geoff are the winners and they each win $3,000. Chris C. is sent home.

Danny did a great job adapting to the restrictions, made great food and ran the kitchen well. I've been waiting for him to step up and I'm so glad to see him finally distinguish himself.
Kudos to Matt and Geoff for doing a such a great job with unfamiliar flavours.

Wow, Becky is pretty arrogant. I do not care for Caity but at least she acknowledged that the dish was a mess. Becky just refused to accept any criticism. She gave off the same vibe as the hated Lisa from Season 4 of Top Chef US. The same stubborn denial.

Oh well Chris C., it was bound to happen sooner or later. He's inexperienced and out of his league.

I really like Lisa Ray. She's so natural and likeable. She seemed really moved by the party. She's beautiful like Padma (more beautiful in my opinion) but she's more authentic.

  1. cellophane_star Apr 23, 2013 11:50 AM

    I also like Lisa.

    At this point, I think Nicole is going to win it. I like Danny & Matthew too though.

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    1. re: cellophane_star
      chefhound Apr 23, 2013 04:26 PM

      I think Nicole is the long shot. I think Matt might take it. He hasn't made anything they've absolutely hated, right?

      I would have said Becky was a possibility last week but now that the judges have seen her attitude problems, they will be watching her more closely than before. Also, I thought it was snark when the other contestants said they've never seen her cook a protein but since she screwed up the lamb this week, maybe she can't cook proteins...

    2. John E. Apr 25, 2013 09:23 PM

      I just watched this online. I was impressed with the way Danny 'Smiles' handled himself. I would have been more impressed without the earrings and the 'gangsta' cap that he wears. (Grow up.)

      I think the idea behind the dessert was a financier, but the dessert was executed incorrectly. 'Caity' is an unpleasant individual. Becky won't last long with her attitude. Nicole seems to be well trained but I don't know if she can play the 'game'. That's as much as I can add.

      I watched the first 5 episodes online almost all at once. Then I watched the entire second season online. I watched the first three episodes of season one and now back to season three. That's a lot of Canadians.

      There also seemed to be a high representation of Ukrainians. My grandmother emmigrated to Canada before going to Minneapolis to marry my grandfather. I'm glad the pyrohy and holubchi have been mostly well represented.

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