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Apr 22, 2013 09:15 PM

Galway, Kenmare & Dublin

I am heading to these three cities with two other girls. We are all 50 (were sorority sisters in college), love to travel actually there for a birthday trip.

What would you suggest to do and eat in Galway. We are staying at The House Hotel.

Then off to The Park Kenamare for two nights. And then to Dublin, staying at the Westbury.

I have been looking at the list of Dublin restaurants...what would you suggest as a special/fun birthday? The Greenhouse?

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  1. Here's a fairly recent thread with information on both Dublin and Galway.
    One of the restaurants in Galway that is mentioned is Aniar, but be aware that there has been a recent change in chefs there, and I don't know what (if any) effect this has had.

    I see that you are also interested in Dublin pubs - take the advice to avoid Temple Bar! There are plenty of great pubs on the doorstep of your hotel. Create your own pub crawl - if you find a place too quiet / too busy / too old / too young etc. just move on to the next one. Start / finish with McDaids and or Nearys just outside your hotel, and take in some of these:
    Keogh's - South Anne Street
    The Dawson Lounge - Dawson Street
    The Long Hall - South Great Georges Street
    There are many many more......

    The Greenhouse seems like a pretty good choice for an interesting birthday meal.