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Apr 22, 2013 08:53 PM

Best Berry Pie ala Mode in Santa Barbara?

I would love to find a good slice of berry pie, ala mode, while we are in Santa Barbara. I had a slice of Olallieberry pie at Avila Valley Barn in November, but I would like to find a slice a little closer if I could.

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  1. I have not been here myself, but it continues to get good reviews and is called "Simply Pies". Good place to start:

    1. Thank you! I had been looking at their website, but did not know if they served pie by the slice or with ice cream.

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        If they do not, and their name is "Simply Pies", best thing to do is carry out and trot over ASAP to McConnells Ice Cream and when they which kind of cone do you want, you hand them your pie and ask for a fork and spoon. ;-)

        You may not do better than that. Or, vice versa, bring your scoop of McConnell's vanilla in with you at Pies.

        Off hand, I can't think of many places that serve pies of renown in town, though I do think the very best restaurant desserts are found at Downey's. Though they did make an excellent Lemon Chess Pie at the former Art Museum Cafe.

        Hope you get more responses here - I like pie too, but just don't see it much where I typically go.

      2. That does sound delicious!

        I am not a big pie fan, but I can-not-stop thinking of that olallieberry pie!

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          Simply Pies does Ollalieberry but I don't think it's quite Olallieberry season yet! ALMOST! Gotta plan my annual trip up to Avila Valley Barn for the Olallieberry Crisps (I bring a cooler and buy a couple of frozen ones, too...they bake up nicely and keep two months in the freezer).
          Didn't know about this Simply Pies place but am going to have to give it a visit in June or July.