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Apr 22, 2013 08:37 PM

Yummy places near Somerset, Princeton, New Brunswick?

Hi - I will be in Somerset this weekend and need eating plans. All I care about is deliciousness - I will go anywhere, from some sketchy truck on a back lot all the way up to something pretty upscale. I love all kinds of food as long as they are delicious and I am traveling with another adult omnivore, so there are no restrictions on ethnicity or atmosphere. Please help! I'm trapped at a boring hotel where the food will surely not be worth the calories or time it would take to eat it, and I need food to look forward to! Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you drive down Route 27 between Edison and Princeton (New Brunswick is along the way) you'll find a lifetime of great adventure eating.

    On Route 27, try Cinco de Mayo for Mexican in New Brunswick and any of the zillions of dosa shops along the way for Indian street food. There's a Super H Mart with a Korean food court in south Edison too.

    Route 27 also has a smattering of really good Chinese restaurants too, but they're a bit north of New Brunswick.

    You are lucky! You want food in a place where eating is pretty much the best thing you can do.

    1. Welcome to Joiesey Becca. Check out Ovations in Somerset (on Weston Mill Canal Road which is very close to where you may be staying). One of my favorites up here - their sushi is top notch and they also do a New American fmenu which is quite good - don't forget the martinis either.

      And if you're here for the weekend, I'd suggest that you also consider going into nearby New Brunswick (how about some Ethopean? Makeda). A great restaurant (there's a few in town) and one of my favorites and a good hang is Due Marie (they make great cocktails and it's a culinary thumbs up). If you're adventerous (and have a Garmin in your rental), go to Princeton (which is about 20-30 minutes of local driving - which is why you need GPS). It's spring and Nassau St (adjacent to the University) is beautiful and has great restaurants in Elements, or the Blue Point Grill. Being a pizza lover, there's a place between Somerset and Princeton that is quite good (it's raved about) which I've yet to take up. And if you really want to slum it, consider any of Rutgers infamous Grease Trucks (guaranteed to put 150 points onto your cholesterol count).

      If you want to make a nite of it, Princeton is hard to beat with New Brunswick also offering much in and around your meal. There's life out on the sidewalks in the evening in both towns.

      Let us know how you fared ;-)

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      1. re: JustJake

        Ovations would be my absolute last choice
        Extremely mediocre food. overcooked - tastes like last nights mashed potatoes - if you get my drift &
        Poor service

        Elements - great
        Due Mari - excellent
        Sophia's - good, don't be concerned with the 'hood'

      2. These are fantastic recommendations, folks! Thank you!! I live in DC so pretty much can't trip on my shoelaces without falling headfirst into a plate of Injera, so we probably won't do Ethiopian, but I *love* the idea of hitting the dosa strip and a bunch of these places look great!

        I have no idea what the 'grease trucks' are but now that I know there are such things I am absolutely determined to find out.

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        1. re: rebecca.kukla

          Grease Trucks are quite fun - as someone who was around when all they did was fat cats (now there's a whole line of "fat" sandwiches), they are an adventure. There was an episode of man vs food on them I think.

          In princeton, also check out the Bent Spoon. Amazing ice cream, and cupcakes aren't bad either.

        2. I agree with Due Mari - always wonderful.... but for a quick bite, try Destination Dogs :

          Amazing fresh-made hot dogs/sausages -- all fresh ingredients and fabulous toppings.

          1. Since you're obviously willing to travel you shouldn't have a problem finding something that fits the bill. The recommendations listed so far are excellent but I'd like to suggest two places in Somerset itself.

            The first is Hoysala, a south Indian restaurant that serves up a great lunch buffet. I have not been there for dinner so I can't comment one way or another. The second is Sophie's Bistro, one of the better French restaurants in the area (if not the best). I have enjoyed several dinners there and strongly recommend it.



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              Good rec on Sophie's Ambrose. I was contemplating that one, but deferred as it's not the best of neighborhoods. It's not the 'hood, but I guess with the recent news (Boston not Hamilton Ave), one just has to be careful these days.

              Sophie's is top notch. Need to get back there soon.