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Apr 22, 2013 06:45 PM

Pig Roast Central Jersey

Hi, preparing for my 4th annual Pig Roast and the place I usually get the pig raised their price to $350 for a spit rental plus 70lb pig seasoned on spit. Although they do include the bags of coal. But its an hour away. Does anyone know a place close to Monmouth County, NJ to rent a spit, or buy one? Also any recommendations on where to get whole pig near Monmouth County, NJ. I'm guessing if I go this route I have to prep and fasten pig to spit myself? Thx in advance.

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      1. Try jersey shore BBQ in Belmar. Ask for mike

        1. Have you tried the Amish Market in Kingston (South Brunswick/Somerset border)? Not Monmouth County - but still good!

          1. There is an affordable pit called la caja china. The design is pretty awesome and easy to use. I think you can rent them as well. not sure where in south jersey. try google search for buying a pig and renting a spit.