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Apr 22, 2013 06:42 PM

Restaurants around the Larchmont?

I'm staying at the larchmont (on W 11th between 5th and 6th) for 2 nights this week, while in town for a wedding (will be staying with a friend in Park Slope for the rest of my trip). I have become totally overwhelmed looking for fairly inexpensive, low key places to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner around there, depending on my plans.. The Chelsea market looks great and not too far away... anywhere else around there? The kind of place where a 30-something woman can eat dinner without feeling like a social pariah??

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  1. Most if not all NYC restaurants are solo diner friendly. You will not be turned away or made to feel uncomfortable. We have so many business travelers that it's not unusual to see a solo diner at a table or at the bar--both male and female guests.

    What is your preference, making a reservation at a table or grabbing a seat at the bar?

    What is your budget, for just food (before tax, tip, wine, drinks)? $20? $15? Lower?

    What days of the week are you here?

    You're quite close to many of my favorites in town since you're kind of in between Union Square, the West Village, and the East Village. For breakfast, you have Grey Dog, Joe the Art of Coffee, and Murray's Bagels. You could also walk up to the Union Square Greenmarket (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat).

    How far are you willing to walk? The Greenmarket is closer to you than Chelsea Market, though they're both quite different and worth a stop. Union Square also has some food trucks that park there.

    For inexpensive meals, you could also go to Otto, Kin Shop (see their lunch prix fixe), Num Pang, the Dosa Man at Washington Sq Park, Dos Toros.

    Have you checked out Real Cheap Eats?

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      Fabulous.. thanks Kathryn. I was thinking less than $15 for lunch, less than 20 for dinner. And very true that NYC is one of the best places for eating alone! I'd rather just grab a place: plans are fluid and I will be going to the East Village to help the bride with preparations quite a bit. I'm arriving on Wednesday and leaving for Brookyn on Friday. The problem for me with NYC is TOO MANY options! I'm willing to walk about 20 minutes or so. Thanks for all of the advice.. will be checking out real cheap eats..

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        Hi Kathryn... Thanks for the real cheap eats recommendation.. I had dinner at Coppelia last night and enjoyed it. Not too hungry and vegatable deprived tonight, so still deciding where to go!!

        1. re: rstuart

          Westville has great market sides, check their web site. Make sure you scroll down all the way for the market sides.

          Otto has some great vegetable antipasti dishes too. Escarole and sunchoke salad is one of my favorites. Then follow it up with gelato.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks again... Just had a great meal at Otto (standing up, since I didn't want to eat at 9). Spinach salad with ricotta salata and some fabulous bruschetta with peperonata.. Full but not "too" full...