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Apr 22, 2013 06:39 PM

Solo Female Diner for 9th and Latin Quarter


My mom is traveling by herself to Paris for 4 nights. She's only been to paris once, 30 years ago. She's not into michelin type or super expensive restaurants, but she loves to eat well and have local food done right. Let's say 50-80 Euros per dinner with 2 glasses of wine. Her hotel is in the 9th between St Georges and Anvers metros. She prefers not to make a large trek to the hotel after dinner, reasonable taxi fare will work. One night I think she'll be in the Latin Quarter and could eat there. She doesn't eat seafood but will happily tuck into duck, beef, etc.

I saw some solo diner threads and thought maybe Willis Wine Bar for one dinner. I noticed they have online reservations, but only for parties of 2 or more. Do you think she'll need reservations, generally? She doesn't speak French either.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Two casual places with classically trained chefs who turn out better than average dishes at very reasonable prices are Les Canailles on Rue Bruyere and Pantruche on Henri Monnier; a short walk from St. Georges metro. Just a touch more expensive but well within your stated price is the white table clothed Les Prémices on Rue Rodier, closer to Anvers. We had a very pleasant lunch there earlier this month.

    1. Casa Olympe right on Rue St Georges has always been spot on for me. Small but welcoming, excellent food.

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        For years it has been one of my favorite neighborhood places for comfort food. Alas, Mme Versini is scheduled to hang it up this summer.

      2. She's a 10-minute stroll from L'Office on rue Richer. They have a small bar where a solo diner is well looked after; the food is lovely; and I think everyone speaks at least a bit of English. In the same vein (distance, good food, friendly people -- but no bar) is Les Saisons on rue Lamartine. And finally, Le Bouclier de Bacchus, also on rue Lamartine, is a boisterous wine bar with quite decent food.

        1. Agree with all the above, although I haven't been to Olympe in years and would add Flamboire if she likes meat and Braisenville; but where is the Queen of the 9th, Parigi?

          1. That's my (and Laidback's) hood !
            A very pleasant 10-minute walk up to the "right" side of Butte Montmartre, in the Amélie territory of Abbesses, is a nice casual lunch spot, Coquelicot. A sunny lunch at an outside table is sumptuous in good weather. It is the only spot on my list that does not need reservation.
            And I mainly agree with the others' recs, esp
            - Les Canailles. The food tends toward rich, but very good
            - Kiku and Abri (on the very walkable edge of the 10th) are both French restaurants run by Japanese chefs with a very creative, light touch. We love them both.
            - Another nice uphill option is the New Jeanne B on rue Lepic, about a 15-minute walk from St George.
            - Another option in the edge of the 10th, about a 10-to-15 minute walk from where your mother will be, is Le Richer, an offshoot of l'Office, a very casual place with a sophisticated menu.
            - Lastly, a nice casual spot a short block from St Georges is Le Bouclier de Bacchus, a wine bar serving no-fuss homecooking meals, with a faaaaab array of well-priced wines. No corkage fee. If I were alone, I'd hang out there all the time.

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              Yay! Fabulous suggestions thanks so much!

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                I am going on the trip too now!!! Making our dinners itinerary, i love all your input and wish we could dine at more of these!

                Do you think we would need reservations at Le Richer? It appears to be the only eatery mentioned in this thread open on a Sunday. We're having a large lunch on Sunday, so I can't tell if we'll need a proper dinner on Sunday or not, but of course I'd like the option. (I can seldom skip dinner entirely!)

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                  You always need a reservation in Paris. You can cancel if you change your mind. Especially on Sunday when so many places are closed.

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                    Richer doesn't take reservations; just get there a bit early.