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Apr 22, 2013 05:14 PM

Cafe Pasqual or La Boca?

Hello I have been to Cafe Pasqaul,although my friend has not... and we are going to Geronimo. I was actually looking at the Taberna but got routed to this on instead.. I have reservations at both. Any input? thank you

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  1. Two pretty starkly different genres. I think La Boca is vastly better in absolute terms, easily one of the very best in the city, but it's Spanish tapas and CP is upscale New Mexican. Both rooms are small, cramped, and fairly loud. I think CP works much better for breakfast, maybe go then instead?

    And just because the chow gods would wish me a year's worth of eating nowhere but McDonald's if I didn't say it: reservations at two restaurants for the same meal is kind of a party foul, so please do cancel one soon.

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      absolutely canceling!! I was just waiting for some input.. I was just about to cancel CP and thought I would ask.. I think I will change it to breakfast or lunch.. thanks..

      1. re: butterbutt

        Phew! No more McRib nightmares. :)